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Episode 22 : Leguano Beat by Kirstin from @healthsystemsgo

Updated: Oct 7, 2020


As a Barefoot Podiatrist, the Leguano 'Beat Silver' was very appealing for my use at work. I loved the visual aesthetics and that they were hand made in Germany! I purchased these beauties from the Mind Body Spirit Festival after meeting Jens - the Australian rep who was bursting with passion for the barefoot shoe lifestyle.   The price for a pair is $259.00 - like any hand made item, you will pay more but will reap the rewards of purchasing a top notch product. These bad boys haven't aged a bit and I've had them for 6 + months.  The Beat Silver is only available in grey at this stage, but there are similar models in many different colours. Size options are plentiful. 

Company Overview: Leguano barefoot shoes were designed in Germany by a group of movement specialists and barefoot professionals. After experiencing the negative effects of running in stiff shoes with maximal support, they began researching the benefits of running barefoot. They found that after a gradual and safe transition to running barefoot, people (including themselves) commonly experienced less injuries and pain associated with running. Despite the company’s initial focus being on barefoot “running shoes”, their ultimate goal was to help improve the health and well-being of the entire human population. Therefore, they came together and began creating a new type of footwear – A top quality and stylish barefoot shoe that would allow everyone to enjoy the freedom and comfort of being barefoot! Leguanos are designed to protect the wearer’s feet without restricting their full range of motion.

The uppers are made with kunert-twisted fabric which contributes to the following characteristics:

* Elasticity: The upper material expands to fit comfortably snug and returns to its original shape when you take them off

* Breathability: The material combination does not suffocate your feet, but instead effectively allows them to breath

* Lightweight: Without the added weight of thick shoes they are extremely comfortable and great for travel

* Moisture-wicking: Any sweat or water is not absorbed or trapped in the shoe but is forced to the outside

* Quick-drying: They dry very quick on and off the feet (especially the “sneaker style”)

* Antibacterial: The material fights bacteria keeping them fresher for longer The wear-resistant soles are made of 100% Lifolit® - a highly flexible material that allows your feet to move freely. It is also very durable and provides protection from most sharp materials, including broken glass. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, and camping. The soles are also slip-resistant, making them ideal for use on hardwood floors, in the gym, and for various water sports (ex. Boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, sea dooing..etc).

Finally, leguanos are machine-washable!!

Follow these simple instructions to clean your shoes and prolong their life:

* Place in a mesh bag

* Use a warm or cold wash

* Do not use fabric softener

* Air dry

Initial Impression: The Leguano's felt like I was wearing a pair of ballet shoes, which is exactly what I was after. Lightweight, flexible, breathable and fit nicely to my enlarged styloid process. They provided enough cushion under sole whilst still allowing joint mobilisations to occur.

Materials and Sizing: The flexible upper kunert fabric molded easily to my D width foot. My toes sit 5mm away from the distal end of the shoe - which is normal and should be comfortable for any shoes with a wide natural shape toe box. I ALWAYS tell my patients to fit the 5mm length from the longest toe (big toe or second). I would be confident these would also fit up to an E-width foot.

Performance: My Leguano Beat's have not failed me thus far. I wear them largely at work and running errands with no pain into the heel or metatarsal heads after long standing periods. Mind you this has taken over two years to adjust to. I find them great to perform rehab exercises in at work, walk on stone or hard uneven surfaces, protect my foot from sharp hazards, water resistant (not rainproof - hello tinea) and allow me to continuously provide sensory feedback when walking.  *If you suffer from heel pain when wearing barefoot shoes, remember to squeeze your glutes together and ensure your weight is distributed evenly across the heel, 5th met head and 1st met head (tripod stance). 

Technical Specifications:  Upper: Kurnert twisted fabric (flexible, antibacterial, machine washable and breathable) Sole: Wear resistant Lifolift 100% material (glass resistant and good grip) Stack Height: 10mm Weight: light! approx 320g Drop: 0mm

Conclusion: Overall the Leguano Beat is the perfect shoe to tick style, performance and durability for daily use on a functioning foot.

-Guest Editor, Kirstin. Instagram: @healthsystemsgo


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