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The Icarus Ascent Sneaker - The perfect shoe for everyone.

Hey there, fellow footwear fanatics! Today, we're taking a journey into the realm of minimalist kicks, and I've got a pair that's bound to elevate your barefoot experience. Say hello to the Icarus Ascent – a shoe that doesn't just fly under the radar; it soars above the competition. Join me as we dive headfirst into this review, exploring its unique features, comfort, and why it deserves the number one spot in your shoe collection.

You can find the Ascent Gen 2s here.

Discount code: TBSR for 10% off.

They ship worldwide.

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Unboxing: As you unbox the Icarus Ascent, you'll notice it's not your ordinary sneaker. It's a stylish barefoot wonder with a secret weapon: interchangeable insoles. Yes, you heard that right. You can customize your cushioning to your heart's content. Love it soft or prefer a more minimalist feel? It's all up to you! This alone makes it a huge money-saver as say goodbye to needing a thin pair, a medium pair, and a transition pair. Every pair also comes with a pair of toe spacers, enhancing your foot journey even more. As an Icarus shoe buyer, you can also snag a special discount on our barefoot transition course.

Performance: These sneakers aren't just a one-trick pony. They're a true multi-tasker, ready to tackle your gym sessions, run errands around town, and even shine on date night. Plus, they're so darn stylish that they're a hit with both the lads and the ladies. Despite having a wide toe-box which is optimal for performance it is very subtly done.

Note: Icarus is always evolving and trying to improve their shoes; the shoe we are reviewing here is the Gen2. The primary differences in this model are Insoles:

  • They increased the density of the 3mm zero-drop insole. It will be less flimsy and more durable.

  • They changed the flat 4mm insole to a more durable, cup-sole design. This 3-dimensional structure will be more durable, secure, and won't roll up under your heel like the original 4mm insole. The density of this insole was also increased.

  • They decreased the thick 5-11mm insole to be 4-9mm. The thinner heel will be closer to zero-drop and also allow your foot to sit deeper in the shoe for a more secure fit. We also increased the density of this thick insole to provide the same amount of cushion in a smaller form factor.

Specs: It is available from 6-14, including half sizes.

  • Premium Full-grain Leather Upper: Durable, warm, water/stain-resistant, the leather upper will gradually mold to the exact shape of your feet, increasing fit and comfort with every wear.

  • Foot-shaped Toe Box: The wide toe box allows natural toe splay; this increases foot stability, improving foot performance and health.

  • Sewn Rubber Outsole: Made using a highly durable rubber material, our outsole features a herringbone tread pattern for maximum traction, even on slippery or wet surfaces. This one-piece rubber outsole is glued, pressed, and then stitched to ensure it will never separate.

  • Zero-Drop: Our outsole is a consistent 5mm thickness from heel to toe - this ensures you're standing on a flat surface, preventing pelvic tilt and ensuring natural body alignment.

  • Colors available: Black and White.

They Also Ship worldwide.

Insole Variety: The real star of the show here is the trio of insoles that come with the Icarus Ascent:

  • 3mm Insole: Go minimal and feel like you're walking on air. I prefer this one for the most ground feel, and you can even go no insole for a minimal stack height.

  • 4mm Insole: A perfect balance of comfort and ground-feel. This is the middle ground I would recommend it for most people on a barefoot journey.

  • 4-9mm Insole: This one's got options! 4mm at the ball, 9mm at the heel. This one is amazing for beginners or people recovering from a foot injury. I used this a lot in a wide variety of shoes as I was recovering from plantar fasciitis. But wait, there's more! You can mix and match these insoles for different types and needs say if one of your feet is having some pain and the other is not.

Normal and Stylish: These Icarus Ascent sneakers are not just exceptional in performance; they also have a modern, everyday look. They blend seamlessly with current fashion trends, mimicking the style of popular sneakers like Air Force 1s. In fact, many athletes of mine who have berated my style of funky-looking shoes have said, "I would wear that." They effortlessly combine comfort and fashion, making them suitable for any occasion.

Why I'm Obsessed: I'm all about the barefoot experience, and the Icarus Ascent nails it when you go with the thinner outsoles. It's like a regular looking shoe but the barefoot version, But here's the kicker: they're not just for hardcore barefooters. If you want a stylish shoe with roomy toes, these will be your new BFF. And for those who are transitioning to barefoot shoes, this is your perfect partner – no need to buy a dozen pairs as you experiment with different cushioning levels. Did I mention they look great with pretty much everything? Yeah, they've got style in spades!

Sizing and Fit: The Icarus Ascent isn't just a one-size-fits-all deal; it's versatile:

Sean generally wears a size 8 or 9 in men's shoes. His foot measures 26.1 cm in length and 10 cm in width. After trying on multiple sizes and both generations, he found that in Gen 1, he's comfortable with size 8.5, while in Gen 2, a true size 9 fits him perfectly. When he wears the shoes without any of the insoles, they fit his feet well. With the thickest insole, there's just the right amount of room, perhaps needing a tiny bit more space for his pinky toe.

Sara typically wears women's size 8. Her foot measures 25 cm in length and 9.5 cm in width. The size 39 fits her just right without any of the insoles, with just a slight bit of room for her pinky toe needed If she wanted to wear thicker socks or put in the insole, she would be a size 40.

  • Medium to wide fitting? Check.

  • Adjustable volume? It caters to both high and low-volume feet, especially if you play around with the insoles.

  • True to size? You bet. Sara is a size 8 in women's, and I am a size 9 in men's, and they fit like a dream with our thin socks. However, if your feet are super-wide, you might want to think twice.

You can find the Ascent Gen 2s here.

Discount code: TBSR for 10% off.

They Ship worldwide.

In Conclusion: Ladies and gentlemen, Icarus Footwear has landed with a bang, and the Icarus Ascent is their shining star. It's the stylish, adaptable, and darn comfortable barefoot sneaker you've been waiting for. Whether you're a seasoned barefoot warrior or just dipping your toes into the movement, these sneakers are your ticket to foot freedom without sacrificing style. So, why wait? Take the plunge and let your feet experience the ascent to pure bliss with the Icarus Ascent!


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