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Episode 74: Vivobarefoot Tracker Decon Low Top

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Vivobarefoot is continuedly releasing new models of various designs and styles to satisfy and match even the pickiest barefooter. But what if they released a shoe that can just do it all?

They did! The Vivobarefoot Decon is the Swiss army knife of barefoot shoes, it's aesthetically pleasing, slips on well, has laces, has rugged enough lugs for trail running and even ball sports but not to rugged, so you can still use it day to day out and around town. It has a sleek sexy outer look while still staying true to Vivo's standard of wide toebox, flexible and plenty of ground feel. For those searching for a boot they even made in a high top version!!

I was initially attracted to this shoe because I was searching for a Cleat alternative to replace my worn out Vivobarefoot soft ground and was excited to try Vivo's New release.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review; however, my opinion is my own. This page uses affiliate links, and by purchasing from an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission which doesn't cost you anything. Thank you and enjoy the read!

To access Vivobarefoot Australia (Sole Mechanics) click here, and you can use code TBSR for 15% off!

To access the Vivobarefoot site click here. Discount Code is TBSR10

To access Vivobarefoot Israel click here.

Company Overview:

Vivobarefoot Limited manufactures and sells shoes for men, women, and kids. The company offers casual wear, court sports, golf, gym, hiking, indoor sports, lifestyle, road running, trail running, walking, winterproof, and work shoes for men, as well as watersports shoes for women; and play, school, and watersports for kids. Its shoes are available online and through stores in the United Kingdom and internationally. Vivobarefoot Limited was formerly known as Terra Plana international Ltd. and changed its name to Vivobarefoot Limited in December 2015. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

Galahad Clark, a 7th generation descendant of the Clark Shoes Company founded VIVOBAREFOOT with his cousin Asher Clark. Their mission is to change the footwear industry based on one simple insight—shoes should let your feet do their natural thing. Every shoe features a patented, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole that protects the foot and allows maximum sensory feedback.

Sole Mechanics is one of the few stores in the world offering a wide variety of barefoot shoes in stock, as well as online consultations to help you for best fittings.

First Impressions

  • Super sleek and beautiful looking

  • Loved the wool and leather combo aesthetic

  • A teeny bit long on me but width wise were perfect (Size 42)

  • Great ground feel but extremely grippy

  • Sewn on and glued on to prevent the lower from falling apart after strenuous use

  • Thermal insole and water resistance makes it great for the colder months

  • The outsole has more lug then the FG but less then the SG.

  • This feels like the Vivobarefoot shoe Best of all shoes meshed together.

  • A little bit stiff at first but after use they "break in" quick.

Sizing and fit

I am a 26cm length with a 10.1 width, I am a 42/8 in nearly every brand. I have a high volume muscular foot.

  • I'm usually a size 42 in most Vivobarefoot models, however this was the second model I found that sizing wasn't consistent. After an online consultation with Sole Mechanics they recommended I get a size 42 based on my width of 10mm. The width is perfect and if I sized down it would have been a tad too narrow on me. With that being said it is a bit long on me length wise and I would of preferred a size 41 at least length wise.

  • Their is plenty of space volume wise making this suitable for high volume feet. There is also some extra toe space but this is largely due to it being a tad big on me.

  • Having a leather outer means it will form to your feet better compared to vegan materials.


  • A Woolmark®-knitted sock design for better barefoot feeling, thermal regulation and anti-odor properties.

  • Wild hide leather outer which I find superior to the non leather versions as it forms to your foot better.

  • The sole is really grippy and is the renewed version of the Firm Ground.

  • Thermal Insole

  • Orange Lacelet to ease with slipping on.

  • Rubber Outsole with 4mm Lugs.


  • Though not inherently designed for this use, I used these on Artificial Grass in a Flag Football Tournament they outperformed every other cleat alternative I ever tried.

  • You just as easily hike in them as you can go grocery shopping in them.

  • They are ridiculous comfortable for any day to day activity.

  • They do very well in wet terrain and are water repellent, if you get caught in a waterfall of rain though they will get soaked.

  • They are not particularly warm but do feature a thermal insole making it great for spring/fall hiking and even summer but when real warmth is needed or deep snow then the higher version is recommended

  • The slightly higher ankle cuff keeps out debris and stones when hiking, an issue I have found on previous models.

Technical Specifications:

Outsole: The Firm Ground Sole offers multi terrain traction and a sticky rubber compound for all round grip and durability. 2.5mm base and 4mm lug height designed to maximise ground feel and grip on everything from wet and dry, rocky and firm terrain. The textured arch provides zonal grip for technical trail movement.

Upper: Made using Woolmark © certified merino wool, with natural breathability, temperature regulation and sweat wicking properties. The Woolmark © certification provides the highest standard quality and sourcing assurance and Wildhide Leather that is

Made from naturally scarred leather from free-roaming cattle sourced from small scale farmers.

Drop: 0 mm

Stack Height: 4mm lugs and a 2.5mm sole

Weight: 220G (size 42)

Lacing: Slip on wool sock upper with laces for extra security


200$, many people would scoff at this price and look for something cheaper but the way I see it is, get one shoe that can do it all and last you a while instead of owning 3 shoes that fall apart quickly


I would not wash this in the wash as the leather and wool will most likely get ruined. Wipe with a damp cloth as needed and you can treat the leather for additional water proofing


This is it, search no further, it's the best Vivobarefoot shoe we have tried, and you can take it anywhere. If specifically in very cold climates or very wet, then go for the high top. This is Vivo's Best shoe they have put out so far.

To access Vivobarefoot Australia (Sole Mechanics) click here and you can use code TBSR for 15% off!

To access the Vivobarefoot site click here. Discount Code is TBSR10

To access Vivobarefoot Israel click here.

1 commentaire

18 janv. 2023

How do you feel about this shoe for the gym? Deadlifting / squats / HITT / cross-training? I liked the Vivobarefoot PRIMUS LITE III but I've read enough bad reviews on them coming apart that I've ruled that out as an option for me. These look to be built a lot stronger.

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