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Episode 76: Groundies All Terrain High

Groundies has such a wide variety of shoes to choose from it can get overwhelming. Luckily, they have many in store locations located around Europe and we were able to try them on in their Vienna location in Austria. Right away we were impressed by how lightweight these boots were and how tastefully designed with quality workmanship. We actually got the last green and black model in stock, so we were really lucky and grateful that we came just in time. Without the insole they only have a super minimal 5mm stack height making the ground feel quite amazing. We immediately went for a stroll with them and put their waterproofness to the test and can testify that they are 100% waterproof as advertised and are also Vegan. The higher ankle does not restrict ankle mobility or feel stiff in any way, making us really satisfied and excited to take this along many hiking adventures.

You can view Groundies shoes on their site here.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review; however, my opinion is my own. Thank you and enjoy the read!

Company Overview:

Über Groundies

We love walking barefoot - the most natural and beautiful way of locomotion. That's why we have made it our mission to make this special feeling tangible for everyone at all times.

The heart of our shoes is the minimalistic TrueSense® sole, that guarantees a sensitive walking experience. It enables great sensory feedback that connects you with your environment and your initial self. The lightweight, flexible and durable TrueSense® sole can strengthen your feet and improve your posture.

As a carbon neutral company, we value sustainable quality. That's why our shoes are handcrafted and the TrueSense® soles combined with high-quality materials to create a unique and durable footwear.

We take your feedback to heart whilst developing our shoes. For this reason, in addition to our anatomically cut models with a wide toe box for friends of walking barefoot, we have also developed models with a narrower toe box. These combine the flexibility, comfort and barefoot feel of our TrueSense® soles with the fit of "conventional" shoes.

All Groundies shoes are incomparable, you won't feel the urge to free your feet, even after a long day. You'll probably never want to take them off!

Something extremely important to note about Groundies is they have store locations all over Europe. This is not only a barefoot shoe lover's dream but actually lets you see and experience the models in person. Trying on different styles and sizes really help in the purchasing process.

Manufacturing and Sustainability:

Walking barefoot connects us to the ground and lets us experience the world in a unique way. In the following you will find our commitment to protecting our planet.

Groundies shoes are made to the highest quality standards in selected factories in the EU. With their unique TrueSense® Sole, a pair of Groundies will give you a sensory response to the varying surfaces you walk on, a feeling of connectedness to earth, stimulating body and mind. Our goal is not only to enhance the wellbeing of our users but also the wellbeing of our planet. In this light, sustainability is not only paramount but should be a given for everything we do.

Shipping and Returns:

We offer free shipping to most countries and free returns within US, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

First Impressions:

  • Sleek looking

  • Very easy to slip on due to padded supple ankle material

  • Heel loop for easy slipping on and off

  • Waterproof

  • Looks like a 'mainstream' boot

  • Very secured to ankle without restricting ankle mobility

  • Wear with socks to avoid sweating

  • Rugged sole but plenty of ground feel

  • Excellent traction

  • Looks like a very sturdy well put together boot.

  • Despite being a high top, it is soft and flexible at the top not making it difficult for your ankles.

  • Vegan

Sizing and Fit:

I am a 26cm length with a 10.1 width, I am a men's EU 42/ US 8 in nearly every brand. I have a high-volume muscular foot. I was recommended by their experts to size up to 43 and it even says so on their site since the model runs small. Since I was able to try on both size 42 and 43 I tried each with and without the insole. Since I'm an experienced barefooter, I generally prefer as minimalist of a sole as possible. The 43 with the insole was a tad bit roomy and the 42 with the insole was a tad bit snug. I tried the 42 without the insole and the fit was perfect, so I decided on the 42 since I anyways plan to wear them without the insole.


This boot functions as a hiking boot, it is waterproof, firmly secured to your foot, comes with an added insole if you need more thickness. In addition to all this, it is still wide, flexible and leaves plenty of room for ground feel. The really soft ankle padding makes it super comfortable to hike in without chafing or any necessary break in time. Overall, this is one of the more comfortable barefoot hiking boots I have tried. The ground feel without the insole is some of the thinnest on the market but still provides plenty of comfort.


  • Lining: Recycled textile and microfiber lining (Vegan)

  • Outsole: TrueSense® All Terrain sole with 2.0 mm base and 3.0 mm tread pattern

  • Flexible, slip and abrasion resistant, waterproof

  • Partially gusseted tongue prevents tongue from slipping to the side.

  • Upper: Upper mix of recycled textile and TPU

  • Drop: 0 mm

  • Stack Height: 5mm sole

  • Weight: under 300g per shoe ( Size 39)

  • Lacing: Lace up with extra security hooks at ankle

  • Price: 160$.

  • Sizes Available: men's EU 40-46


First you should thoroughly impregnate your vegan Groundies. This protects the shoes from dirt and moisture. Regular thorough cleaning with brushes and damp sponges is also important. Special cleaning agents for vegan leather such as our Carbon Complete Set from Collonil provide deep down care. Clean the shoes about once a month with a vegan shoe polish.

How to Wear:

They are definitely suitable for hiking rigorous terrain but due to its stylish upper and cool colors you can rock this with everyday jeans as well.

Future Improvements:

I would love a leather version and an even wider version, other than that they are truly perfect.


This is the first Groundies shoe I have ever tried. I am duly impressed. I would be super eager to try other models and see how they perform. This is also a performance model and they nailed it, even though Groundies is generally known for their fashion models. As a hiking boot this comes in as one of the best performance and endurance in all the ones I have tried.


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01 de jan. de 2023

I'm so happy that we were able to help you. If you are looking for something very similar but that comes in much wider, you may want to check out the freet mudee We review them here on the blog as well and the discount code is TBSR for 10% off


Daniel Colella
Daniel Colella
31 de dez. de 2022

I've been looking for reviews of these shoes and I am very thankful that you posted this. Looks like a great shoe and I think it might be the pair I get. You mentioned you might like this shoe even more if it were wider. Could you recommend another great hiking shoe with a wider toebox?

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