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Episode 77: Groundies Alaska GX1 Women

Groundies is one of the few barefoot shoes companies that have managed to create a wide toe box that looks so much like a 'regular' shoes. I absolutely love the variety that Groundies offers, from sneakers to shoes to boots to sandals, they have a wonderful selection of really unique styles. You can see that each model is thoughtfully and artistically designed. I have regular volume and width feet and the width and toe box of Groundies shoes fit me perfectly. If you have very wide feet I'm not sure that some of Groundie's models are the right shoes for you.

The Alaska GX1 boot is a dream winter boot. From its gorgeous cowhide suede upper to its virgin wool lining and rustic thick leather laces, the Alaska will keep your feet super warm while being a definite showstopper. The ground feel is superb, and the quality is impeccable. Wearing a boot can sometimes hinder your ankle mobility which can sometimes make me feel a bit trapped. However, the Alaska boot is so flexible from the toe through the shaft that it does not restrict my ankle mobility at all, which is a HUGE plus for me.

I'm wearing the Alaska I write, and it feels like my foot is being given a warm hug. The wool lining is so soft and plush that I love wearing them without socks to enjoy the wonderful feel.

The softness and flexibility make for zero break in time, and I enjoyed this boot from the first moment that I put them on.

The Groundies website can be accessed here.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review; however, my opinion is my own. Thank you, and enjoy the read!

Company Overview:

Über Groundies

We love walking barefoot - the most natural and beautiful way of locomotion. That's why we have made it our mission to make this special feeling tangible for everyone at all times.

The heart of our shoes is the minimalistic TrueSense® sole, that guarantees a sensitive walking experience. It enables great sensory feedback that connects you with your environment and your initial self. The lightweight, flexible and durable TrueSense® sole can strengthen your feet and improve your posture.

As a carbon neutral company, we value sustainable quality. That's why our shoes are handcrafted and the TrueSense® soles combined with high-quality materials to create a unique and durable footwear.

We take your feedback to heart whilst developing our shoes. For this reason, in addition to our anatomically cut models with a wide toe box for friends of walking barefoot, we have also developed models with a narrower toe box. These combine the flexibility, comfort and barefoot feel of our TrueSense® soles with the fit of "conventional" shoes.

All Groundies shoes are incomparable, you won't feel the urge to free your feet, even after a long day. You'll probably never want to take them off!

Manufacturing and Sustainability:

Walking barefoot connects us to the ground and lets us experience the world in a unique way. In the following you will find our commitment to protecting our planet.

Groundies shoes are made to the highest quality standards in selected factories in the EU. With their unique TrueSense® Sole, a pair of Groundies will give you a sensory response to the varying surfaces you walk on, a feeling of connectedness to earth, stimulating body and mind. Our goal is not only to enhance the wellbeing of our users but also the wellbeing of our planet. In this light, sustainability is not only paramount but should be a given for everything we do.

Shipping and Returns:

We offer free shipping to most countries and free returns within US, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

First Impressions:

  • Aesthetically pleasing anatomical toe box

  • Excellent ground feel

  • Good tread

  • Super soft wool lining

  • Gorgeous rich grey suede upper

  • Gusseted tongue

  • Very flexible from toes through shaft

  • Not suitable for *very wide* feet

  • Gorgeous thick leather laces give a very rustic unique look

  • Inner zipper along length of boot shaft for easy on and off

  • Can be worn very comfortably without socks

  • Very warm

  • Unique leather eyelets that add a beautiful design to the boot

  • Zero break in time

  • Feels like a warm hug, just so comfortable

  • High quality

  • Water-repellent if treated with impregnation spray

Sizing and Fit:

**My foot is 25cm long and 9.5cm wide, with my large toe being the longest. I generally wear a Women's size US 8 and EU 39 and have a regular volume foot. **

I'm wearing the Alaska in the size EU 39, and they fit perfectly. I prefer to wear them without socks and with a med-thick sock they're definitely snug, so if you have a wider foot or plan to wear the boot with a med-thick sock then I would definitely recommend sizing up one size.

Regardless I would check out their sizing guide for better estimation of your correct size.


The Alaska GX1 boot is the perfect addition to your winter closet. They are an extremely functional everyday boot with incredible flexibility and good tread. What stands out most is that even though the shaft of this boot is taller than the majority of my boots, nevertheless, it does not restrict my ankle mobility nor restrict my foot in any way. The gusseted tongue really helps keep the warmth in and also prevents the tongue from slipping to the side (my pet peeve). The zipper along the shaft allows for easy on and off and the gorgeous thick leather laces allow you to adjust the fit perfectly to your foot.

Weight and Movement:

  • Very light weight boot

  • No ankle restriction or stiffness

  • Very flexible

  • Zero break-in time

  • Good ground-feel and tread

  • Can adjust the snugness and fit with the laces

  • Very organic feel, you almost forget you're wearing boots.


  • Anatomical toe box: foot-friendly, wider fit in the toe area

  • Zero drop and neutral footbed

  • Upper: 100% cowhide suede

  • Lining: 100% virgin wool

  • TrueSense® GX1 sole with 4mm base and 4.5mm tread

  • Flexible, non-slip, abrasion resistant

  • Made in EU: sole from Germany, produced in Portugal

  • Size tip: This style runs true to size but size up if you have a wider foot or plan to wear with med-thick socks.

  • Available sizes: EU women's 36-43

  • Zipper along inside of the shaft

  • Thick leather laces

  • Gusseted tongue

  • Price: 139,90€

  • Non vegan

  • Water-repellent if treated with impregnation spray



To clean your Groundies, please use a cloth or a sponge moistened with cold, clear water. Especially with leather and imitation leather models, impregnation is highly recommended to protect the shoes from moisture, dirt and environmental influences.


Leather is naturally water-repellent. Completely waterproof shoes would not allow your feet to breathe. That's why we concentrate on leather and textile shoes that are water-repellent to a certain degree due to the combination of high-quality upper and inner material. Water and dirt roll off the surface. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you treat your Groundies with a good impregnation spray. We also have great care products for vegan models that can protect against dirt and moisture.

Future Improvements:

I absolutely love this boot and wouldn't change anything about it. I would only suggest perhaps Groundies make an even wider option for some of their footwear so that people with very wide feet can enjoy them too.

Where and How to Wear:

The rustic feel of this boot makes it the perfect casual winter boot great for work, school and just everyday wear. The gorgeous rich grey suede makes it also perfect for casual dressy occasions. They look fabulous with a cute flare dress or skirt and look great with winter color shades of pants as well.


From the moment I slipped my foot into these boots I felt like I was walking on a cloud. The wool lining is so soft and has such a wonderful feel that these are one of the only boots I own that I enjoy wearing without a sock. The flexibility of this boot is incredible, and its best feature (besides for its gorgeous aesthetic) is that it doesn't restrict my ankle mobility or foot movement in any way. These boots are so warm and just the most perfect addition to your winter barefoot shoe closet.


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Adventurer Adi
Adventurer Adi
Jan 25, 2023

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