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Episode 65: Bedrock's Cairn 3D Pro II Adventure Sandal


had gotten so used to wearing super thin soled sandals that have excellent ground feel that it was interesting trying the Cairn 3D Pro II sandal with a whopping 14mm sole. It did not disappoint. The textured foot-bed sort of mimics a ground feel and I soon forgot I was wearing a sandal with a thicker sole. Since the sandal is slightly less flexible than sandals with a thinner sole I was worried that I might experience chaffing. I'm happy to say that was not the case, there was no chaffing or break in time, and the sandal felt more flexible once it was on my foot.

This sandal would be a fabulous choice for someone just transitioning to barefoot shoes or for a more experienced bare-footer that may want a thicker sole for longer treks. Keep in mind the footbed does have a slight arch support (and the toe box isn't as wide as other barefoot sandals) so while it has a zero-drop sole, the arch support might be off-putting for a true barefooter. However, Bedrocks have other sandals are without any support and are true minimalist sandals. For example, their classic 9mm sandal or Geo model is probably a more attractive option for those looking for a very minimalist sole.

The sandal is also quite good looking, with a flattering Y-strap system, 3 easy to use adjustment zones, and a Megagrip Vibram sole. I love the multi colored geometric pattern of the straps appropriately named Canyon Currents. Bedrock as a whole has produced a really beautiful selection of models that are very attractive and unique.

The cairn 3D Pro II sandal can be purchased here.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to us to review, however our opinion is our own. Thank you, and enjoy the read!

Company Overview:

In 2011, Nick and Dan handmade the first Bedrock Sandals for themselves and friends while working river restoration jobs in Northern California. We were looking for a lighter-weight, more freedom feeling sandal for our outdoor and everyday needs.

Over the past eleven years we have been busy making our sandals more durable, adjustable, and capable. In 2016 we launched our innovative and award-winning Cairn model that is now the flagship of Bedrock Sandals. Along the way we have built our sandals in cabins, forts, and garages! Now our HQ is located in Missoula, Montana as we continue in our experiment of creating the modern adventure sandal.

We hope you'll strap on our sandals for many adventures to come, get them re-souled if need be, and keep on taking the trail as we thoughtfully design and test our newest answer to your adventure footwear needs.

We wanted to make a premium quality sandal that let us experience the outdoors more simply and that held up to the heavy abuse of our outdoor lifestyles. We launched a Kickstarter, grew slowly, kept making our sandals better, lived in vans and sailboats, thru hiked trails, and crafted our sandals to match our adventurous minimalist lifestyles.

Our bodies and feet evolved through human history to walk, hike, and run incredible distances. As outdoor footwear designers, our overall goal is to harness our natural human-inherited flow of movement. Our sandals combine grippy Vibram® outsoles with our adjustable strap system to strike a harmonious balance of performance, durability, and comfort.

As a company, simplicity is our goal from inside to out. We reflect simplicity in the footwear we design all the way to the lifestyles we lead. Simplicity makes us and our feet happy :)

Manufacturing and Sustainability:

We’re on a mission to create the highest quality outdoor footwear through adventure driven design and real testing. We craft our sandals in the most socially responsible and least environmentally harmful way. We design Bedrock Sandals to simplify and enrich your life with the freedom of our high quality, versatile, and repairable footwear.

Our sandals are built for your everyday wear and big adventures. We source high quality components and extensively field test our sandals to make sure they last the long haul for our customers. We offer a rock solid warranty and firmly believe that creating durable, long-lasting, and repairable footwear is the first step in product sustainability.

The way we make our footwear matters to us and all our customers. We’re continually taking steps to make our manufacturing process more transparent. We partner with highly visible and industry trusted factories in the US and overseas to ensure our footwear is made ethically. We source Bluesign Certified and sustainable materials whenever possible and are currently implementing codes of conducts and restricted substance lists with our tier 1 factories.

We founded Bedrock while working in conservation Americorps gigs. Today, our commitment to sustainability and the environment remains strong. We’re proud to offer our a Re-Soul & Repair program for our products, use plastic-free sandal packaging, source environmentally friendly and recycled materials whenever possible, and consistently donate to better our environment through 1% for the Planet. We implement sustainability policies within our Missoula, Montana office and promote conservation efforts through partnering with environmental nonprofits.

We recognize that a high quality sandal begins with a well-supported team. We strive to create a supportive, creative, and positive work environment. All Bedrock employees are paid above living wage so they can thrive in our community with full time benefits including healthcare, retirement plan, and generous paid time off. We are continually working to create the best possible work environment for our team.

Shipping and Returns:

All orders will ship within 1-2 business days. Fedex expedited orders placed before 12 PM MST during business hours M-F will be shipped that same day.

We offer free shipping on USA orders over $100. Once shipped, orders typically take 4-7 days to deliver.

International Shipping: We use Fedex Worldwide to ship internationally. Customers will be responsible for all duties and fees to import and will likely be charged once their shipment arrives. These duties vary by country and are completely out of our control.

We're happy to accept returns on sandals for up to 30 days after you have received them. We do require the sandals to be unworn and in the new condition they were received in(please try on and test wear indoors only). Returns on sandals that have been worn outside will be charged a $25 restocking fee which will be deducted from the refund.

For your convenience, we offer a prepaid $8 return shipping label (U.S. orders only) which will be deducted from the refund.

For International Order Exchanges please contact us at We will ask you to ship them back to us. Once the old pair is received we will ship the new pair out to you. For the second shipment we will charge $10 to cover the cost of shipping (we do not charge handling).

First Impressions:

  • 14mm zero drop sole

  • Durable

  • G-Hook heel strap + front strap

  • Y-strapping system

  • 3 adjustment zones

  • Sticky Megagrip Vibram outsole - super grippy and excellent traction on slippery surfaces/wet conditions

  • Textured footbed that mimics groundfeel texture

  • Unique geometric strap pattern

  • Very subtle arch and toe support

  • Surprisingly flexible given its thickness

  • Sole hugger wings for added stability

  • Waterproof

Sizing and Fit:

**My foot measures 25cm long and 9.5cm wide. I generally wear a women's US 8 or EU 39 and have a regular volume foot.**

The sandals fit just perfectly. I feel like if I sized up it would be a good fit as well, so if you have wider foot or larger volume foot definitely size up, recommended by Bedrocks as well.

Our sizing is unisex (e.g. size 9/10 is equivalent to size 9 for men, and size 10 for women.) Some Bedrockers find our sizes run slightly small, especially in our smallest sizes.

Please use this sizing chart or print out our Cairn Sizing Outlines to find your best fitting size. If using our chart below we recommend measuring the length of your foot and then adding 1.5-2cm in order to find the sandal size that most closely corresponds.


This is a great transition sandal for those just starting out in the barefoot/minimalist shoe world. It can be worn on short or long treks and for every day casual wear.

For an experienced barefooter, I would recommend these for longer, more strenuous hikes since the added thickness and subtle support may be helpful for those arduous adventures.

I wore these on hikes, on slippery terrains, and also enjoyed playing frisbee in them. They stayed firmly attached to my foot through it all, with zero chaffing or friction in any area. The textured footbed feels like a pleasant massage with every step.


  • Y strapping system

  • Premium webbing

  • 3 adjustment zones

  • Sole-hugger wings for locked-in stability.

  • G-hook-and-loop heel

  • Front strap


  • 3D (textured) footbed

  • Zero-drop anatomically molded with tasteful arch and toe support


  • Extra sticky and super grippy Vibram® Megagrip Sole in non-marking grey Andesite

  • Designed to perform in wet + slippery conditions.

  • 14mm stack height

Weight and Movement:

  • Quite rugged sole

  • Excellent tread especially on slippery surfaces

  • Not super flexible but flexible enough especially for its thickness and moves well with your foot

  • Stays super attached to foot

  • Textured footbed feels like a massage with every step

  • Not especially lightweight compared to other minimalist shoes

  • Very subtle arch and toe support


  • Upper: Canvas

  • Footbed: Molded 3D

  • Midsole: Carn 3D vibram

  • Outsole: 14mm Vibram Megagrip sole

  • Drop: Zero Drop

  • Weight: 570 grams (10W)

  • Price: $130

  • Sizes: Men's US 5 - 14, Women's US 6-15

Care Instructions:

  • For footbed's sake, do not leave your sandals in extreme heat (e.g. hot car) and intense direct sun exposure for durations ( e.g. sunny porch). Our ultralight Go Far Vibram® footbeds can warp if left exposed in these environments.

  • To clean your Bedrocks, handwash with a brush, water, and your favorite eco-friendly soap! Let them dry in a shaded environment or briefly in the sun. Do not machine wash.


Our Cairn Vibram® Soles typically last between 700 and sometimes over 1,000 miles. Typically our strap system will last beyond the lifespan of the sole. We gladly resole Bedrock Cairn sandals through our Re-Soul Program.

If any component on your Bedrocks fails while there's still life left in the Vibram® Soles, we offer either free or reasonably priced repairs through our Re-soul program.

Lacing System:

  • Y strap system

  • Pull tab ajustable front strap

  • G-hook and loop heel strap

  • Additional G-hook and loop strap in the front

  • The strapping system is easy and simple to use, once the G-hook and loop is set in place the only thing left to adjust for future wears is the front strap tab that you just pull to tighten and release.

Future Improvements:

One thing that stood out to me is the width of the footbed and toe box. I would recommend future models have wider toe box area. The sandal is also a bit on the heavier side so I would recommend figuring out a way to make a lighter weight version.

Where and How to Wear:

  • Perfect for long hikes and rugged adventures

  • Excellent for slippery surfaces/conditions

  • Great for casual every day wear

  • Stays firmly attached to foot and can be worn for most casual sports around the park.


Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how good this sandal felt on my foot. I was initially worried that I wouldn't like the lack of ground feel and the thickness of its sole. However, the textured footbed makes every step a pleasant experience and the 14mm sole makes a great companion for any long and rugged hike. The traction is great on almost all terrains especially wet surfaces and the strapping system is easy to use.

This sandal definitely gave me a throwback feel to the Teva sandals I used to adventure in as a teenager, albeit with a more minimal feel and definitely more durable and visually pleasing.


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