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Episode 29 : Botyluks "Verano"

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I got to road test Verano Sandals by Botyluks in the denim/blue colour way. This is a brand that create truly craftsmanship like shoes. You can tell that they are hand crafted but they are sturdy and made with experienced hands. I was excited to try these because I could see from the get go that they were wide with a very minimal sole, so I was interested to see how they would go as an everyday sandal. My experience with sandals in the past has meant that I didn't often wear them. They are generally stiff, both on the sole and the upper, as well as abrasive on the heels and toes. When I saw images of the Verano sand rolled up like a swiss roll I knew these would be a great sandal.

Their website can be accessed here.

(Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own).

Company Overview:

Botyluks are a small family owned business from the Czech Republic, established by Lenka Luksova after her pilates instructor recommended she first try barefoot shoes. This began her love barefoot shoes. Lenka grew up always being around her father's workshop where he made shoes which then inspired Lenka to come up with the idea to start her own barefoot shoe brand.

Lenka is passionate about health and healthy lifestyles, but is more interested in the way feet work. They hand make all their shoes to order and to be tailored to your exact measurements. They are made with love and you can tell that Lenka and her family are dedicated to ensuring they are made with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Initial Impressions:

  • Looked very wide toed

  • Incredible flexible

  • Thin soles

  • I was worried my toe would slip around

  • Very soft leather and gentle on your skin

Sizing and Fit:

My foot is approximately 235mm and is relatively slim. Because of this I was concerned that the sandal would be slightly too wide for me and I was have to grip my toes to stay in them. I thought my foot would be swimming in the straps due to the width. I got a size 38 and would say that they are perfect. Initially there was some room at the front that took getting used to, but it means you need to be conscious not to drag your feet on the ground when you walk. Botyluks actually custom make your order to fit your foot correctly and allow you to measure you foot and submit the measurements with your order. They show you exactly how to do that Here.


I wore these a few times to work, as I work in a casual office environment. I've been wanting to find a more dressy shoe to wear to work with dresses and I wanted to see how the Verano would fair all day. Straight off the bat these were very comfortable. The leather is so soft that they don't need to be worn in until comfortable. The inner sole moulds to your foot as you wear them and your foot slightly imprints into the sole. Despite having such a thing sole the insole is lined in the same soft cow hide and provides ample cushioning.

Technical Specifications:

Upper: The upper is made from soft cowhide

Sole: 4mm thick flexible rubber base

Insole: Soft cow hide


Overall these are a great sandal for those out there with a wide set foot. If you generally have trouble with width these sandal are perfect. They have a thin flexible sole, but due to having the cow hide on the inner sole it makes for a good amount of cushioning. They are fairly simply looking sandals which means they go with most things, they can be both dressed up and dressed down which I like. I can wear them with dresses in my wardrobe or dressier outfits when going to work.

I enjoy how breathable these are, once I got over the excess room at the front and was picking up my feet more intentionally I got use to them being slightly longer than perhaps my other shoes. I would definitely recommend these as sample sandal in your wardrobe that is also quite fashionable and functional.



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