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Episode 28: Xenet Sandals Epic

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


I'm not much of a sandal kind of guy. I find it hard to match them with my outfits, and i feel somewhat like a child once again, when I wear them. In saying that, I do enjoy the freedom they bring - both for your toe splay and ventilation, and I love finding an excuse to wear them - whether going to the beach, camping, or simply popping down to the shops.

The Xenet Epic is the second sandal I've tried - the first being the Vivobarefoot Achilles. The Achilles is a split toe sandal, which can be somewhat constraining and annoying.... Needless to say, the Xenet Epic has since replaced the Achilles.

Xenet are a company specialising in sandals at this stage, with sizing differing from conventional measurements - The Adult sizes cater to feet measuring from 21.3-29.8cm, whilst the Kids range measure from 16.3cm-24.2cm. A number of other models are available, with varying sole thicknesses and grip types.

The Xenet Epic is priced at 34.50 Euros, can be customised and is available to buy here. Alternatively you can contact the owner, Jose, directly through the website. Link here.

(Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own).

Company Overview:

The company is owned and operated by Jose - He is a runner and I started making his own running sandals for himself and some friends and family. After many tests, he created his own closure system and looked for suitable materials for manufacturing and that were durable. From there, he designed different models with the idea of ​​creating a brand and starting to sell to the general public, so he created his page and the store on Amazon.

The company is called Xenet, because his family know him by Xenet. In March 2019 they went on sale to the public and the reception was very good. The objective continues to be to offer a good product at a good price and above all to serve the customer by giving them all the necessary help during and after the purchase.

Initial Impressions:

  • Wide throughout

  • Light and flexible

  • Good ground feel yet soft sole

Sizing and Fit:

My foot is approximately 292mm, with my 2nd toe being the longest. I spoke to Jose about what size I should choose, and he recommended a size 9. They are wide throughout, and fit my feet perfectly.


  • I mostly wore the Epic during summer, or for leisurely activities. I have not worn them with anything other than shorts, (too risky!) and they look very rugged and 'trail-friendly'.

  • There were no inherent issues with the material quality of the sandals. The sole was quite soft, yet had an excellent amount of ground feel. It also had great moisture wicking properties and breathability. The strapping felt good, and didnt aggravate any part of my feet.

  • Another thing to note, i found that my gait pattern was somewhat different to closed shoes. I was more aware of how I'd walk.

  • The sandal stayed on fairly tight, however it was less stable with horizontal movements - which is quite normal for a sandal.

Technical Specifications:

Strap: 20mm polypropylene nylon strap with plastic clip

Sole: 5mm Vibram Dunas Sole

Stack Height: 5.5 mm

Insole: In-built microfibre footbed 0.5mm

Weight: 65g (size 42)

Drop: 0 mm


I personally have a hard time wearing sandals, unless the occasion deems it suitable E.g summer, sports or leisure activities etc. However, after wearing the Xenet Epic, I can see why so many people are drawn to sandals, and almost only gravitate towards wearing sandals. You gain complete freedom from wearing the Epic. There is no material to hinder your toes, or restrict the bones in your feet, and the sole has superb ground-feel. Overall, at 35 Euro - they seem to be a well spent investment for any person willing to get into the world of sandals, or to invest in another pair.

-Alex, TBSR


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