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Episode 19 : Kigo Philly

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


These fun looking Kigo sneakers hail all the way from the US and have the widest toe box out of all my shoes, which I absolutely love. I work on my feet sometimes when I work in events causing my feet to heat up and swell, so having that room for decent foot movement is a key feature when I'm looking for shoes.

This particular model is the Kigo "Philly" which currently comes in 5 different colours and are on sale $47 at the moment. So cheap!

This colour is 'Red diamond/black eyelets'.

Fun fact: the upper for this "Philly" are not only vegan but they are made from recycled ketchup bottles, and they are also handmade in the USA and that is how you get the red colour.

(Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own).

Company Overview:

"Kigo footwear is stylish, eco-friendly minimalist footwear for barefoot athletics and everyday wear. The kigo team strives to provide comfortable shoes that are stylish enough for everyday wear, sturdy enough for athletics and constructed to be as good for the Earth as for the body. Each kigo shoe is thoughtfully and responsibly constructed of lightweight eco-friendly materials, including removable EVA insoles, breathable, stain/water resistant uppers and flexible, high-density rubber outsoles"

Initial Impressions:

  • Generously wide toe box

  • Durable outer material

  • Tough yet flexible sole made for protection

  • Flexible

  • Attractive and stylish shape

Sizing and Fit:

My foot is approximately 235 mm, with a large big toe. Due to this I like there to be an adequate amount of height in the toe box. Some barefoot shoes have great width but due to the upper material or shaping they can be tight on the top of my goes causing friction. I chose a women's 8 in the Philly but I preferably would have got a size bigger because I like a lot of room in my shoes but these were still adequate with the current sizing.


  • Vibram Morflex outsole: Was thick, not very flexible but great cushioning for long days as well as protection.

  • Perforated insole: Great cushioning on your feet for long walks

  • Upper material: The upper in this shoe is tightly woven so it takes a bit of wear to soften up. Because of the upper material and the way that it is woven the toe box.


These have a hardy Vibram Morflex sole making them great for walking or prolonged standing. I didn't find that these had as much flexibility as other barefoot shoes so I think they're probably not best for activities that involve a bit of grip, like running, hiking or climbing.

I love how wide the toe box is, allowing you to splay your toes and wiggle them when walking and allow for a great range of movement. The upper is quite hardy as it's being made of essentially a woven plastic, so they take a bit of wearing in to soften but protect your feet fantastically. The upper also creates a shell like shape around the toes so I feel like they protect the tip of your toes from being stubbed and also creates great height with in the toe box, adding to the amount of room your toes can move.

I feel like because of the tight woven upper they'd be long lasting and durable for outdoor wear.

Technical Specifications:

Upper: REPREVE upper 100% recycled PET U Trust certified

Lining: Kaluna lining 100% recycled/post-manufacturing content | 50/50 PET/cotton blend

Insole: CORDURA reinforced eyelets nylon  

Sole: Vibram Morflex outsole rubber 6mm flexible

Stack Height: 10mm total stack height (2mm insole is removable)

Drop: 0mm

Weight: +/- 5.1 oz per shoe [M8.5 | W10.5 sample]


What I love most about these are the shape. Not only do they have the widest toe box in width and height that I've come across but I like the slick tennis shoe style that goes well with jeans, dresses and skirts. I recommend these more as a casual shoe option. They'd be perfect for travelling because they're also very light, great for storing in your suit case and doing a lot of walking.

-TBSR, Jade


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