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Product Guide - 25 Products to keep your body feeling great!

Sometimes you've got to use the right tool for the right job - In this case, ensuring you have the right product to assist you when it comes to general strengthening, manual therapy and mobilisation. In an ideal world, you wouldn't be reading this, health professionals or products wouldn't exist, and we'd be free of any physical ailments. In an ideal world... However, we're not in an ideal world. We have other priorities such as careers, children, study, and our hobbies - to give us a sense of reward in this rat-race. Unfortunately, a lot of us are often exhausted at the end of the day, and would prefer to wind down, with minimal physical stimuli as possible.

We get this.... And we've discovered that sometimes you need a "novelty" to instigate some change; we're bringing you guys a list of products which can get your feet and body moving a little bit better!


1. Correct Toes

Correct toes have become somewhat synonymous with the barefoot community. Designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, Correct Toes is a silicone device, which helps spread your toes, at an attempt to restore your original toe alignment. We haven't used Correct Toes personally, and have only had experience with cheap Amazon knock-offs; therefore, we can't give you our complete opinion. The knock off ones from Amazon did give us some relief, and we have heard great things about Correct Toes.

Correct Toes are available here. They are priced at $65 USD and available in a number of different sizes and colours.


2. Naboso Technology

Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the founder of Naboso. Naboso Technology manufactures a proprioceptive textured material, which is used as an insole, standing/training mats, flooring and has even been incorporated with sandals (Xero Naboso Trail) - with the goal of stimulating the nerves in your feet. Science reinforces this concept of proprioception, and we have tried both the Naboso insoles and Xero Naboso Trail ourselves, with a positive response. We have a review of the Naboso insoles, and we will have a review of the Xero Naboso Trail in the near future. In addition to this, Emily also leads EBFA (Evidence Based Fitness Academy), an organisation with accredited training certifications and workshops, focusing on barefoot health. Click here to view.

The Naboso products are available here, and our review is available here.

The insoles are priced from $50-$65 USD, Mats are priced from $55-$135 USD and flooring is $315 USD for a pack of 6 2 foot x 2 foot tiles.

*Use code BFSR for 10% off - Affiliate code and link*


3. The Foot Collective Products

The Foot Collective are currently the leading advocates for foot health on social media. They have a huge amount of practitioners around the globe, foot health certifications and workshops - click here. In addition to this, they are currently in the process of releasing a competitively priced footwear range - click here. I haven't used any of their branded items, however have used similar toe spreaders, and use a mobility ball regularly (Foot Restoration Kit). The toe spreaders are based on an identical concept to Correct Toes, and the mobility balls are useful in massaging muscles within the feet and the body. Perhaps their most famous piece of equipment is the TFC Beam - which assists with foot health/stability.

Click here to access their shop. Beams range from $85-$295 CAD, the Foot Restoration Kit is priced at $30 CAD.


4. Blackboard Training

The Blackboard training system acts as two connected platforms, which move independently - to mobilise, strengthen and stimulate the foot. It essentially, simulates pronation/supination movements, and helps 'twist' the foot. We haven't used this product personally, but would be excited to try it - as it seems quite promising, and is endorsed and recommended by my foot function - click here.

Available here. It is priced from 89 Euro, with instructional videos available at additional costs.


5. The Dorsiflex

The DorsiFlex is an adjustable, multi-plane device - designed to manoeuvre the toes and foot into positions, to target a variety of muscles in the lower limbs. In addition to targeting muscles throughout the lower limbs, it has become particularly successful in treating plantar fasciitis, and has therefore been marketed around treating it. Essentially, it acts as a portable platform - allowing you to position the device into various angles and planes, where you can use it to stretch or load your foot.

We reviewed the Dorsiflex and continue to use it. It allows you to target in your foot in positions, which would be somewhat difficult to achieve with something like a towel or yoga block. The price can be a deterrent ($165 USD), however it has a 60 day full-refund guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the product.

Their website is available here. You can check out our review here.


6. Fasciitis Fighter

The Fasciitis Fighter is similar in function to The Dorsiflex. However, it lacks the adjustable features that The Dorsiflex has - meaning that it is more limited. We have been using it regularly, and it feels awesome for stretches, mobilisation and loading. It's priced extremely competitively, and is more effective/efficient than having a towel for foot exercises.

The website is available here. It is priced at $29.95 AUD, and we will be reviewing this in the near future.


7. Moflex

The Moflex was designed by a team of medical professionals, and is another platform which is essentially mimics essential foot patterns and contact points. Like other similar platforms, it allows you to load and stretch particular points on your feet which would otherwise be quite difficult.

Click here to view their website. The Moflex is priced at $169 USD.


8. Barefu

Barefu Dots operate on a similar concept to Naboso - in which they're designed to stimulate the senses in your feet. However, Barefu Dots have an additional factor, by having uneven surfaces; therefore, having to activate unaware muscles to stabilise yourself while encountering these "obstacles".

Click here to access their website. They are available in a number of different quantities and finishes, and priced from 65-90 Euro.


9. North Sole Insoles

Finding a decent pair of insoles for your barefoot shoes can be frustrating. Standard ones often have a poor lifespan or don't fit larger shoes. North Sole are based in the US, and at the moment is the owners (John) side gig. I reviewed them about a year ago, and they're still going strong - which is almost unheard of for an insole. They have 3mm options ($24.99 USD) and 6mm options ($29.99). They use NASA grade materials, have moisture wicking properties, and are treated with Microban - to prevent odour causing bacteria. They're also made larger, so that you can trim them according to fit.

Click here to access the website. Click here to read our review.


10. Xero Rox Mat

The Xero Rox Mat is another sensory stimulator, however it also markets itself around being able to massage your feet. Its quite reasonably priced, and seems as though its manufactured well.

The Xero Rox Mat is priced at $14.99 USD and is available here.


11. Vawa Balance Board

The Vawa Balance Board is a rocking board, which can be used for working out both the upper and lower body - assisting in improving your balance, stability and coordination. Its available in both kids and adults sizes.

Click here to access the website. The Vawa Board is available in Mini (Kids) and Maxi (Adults) sizes, in addition to a number of finishes. Its priced from 89-127 Euro.


12. Mobo Board

The MoboBoard was founded by Jay Dicharry, and is a cutting edge balance board which utilises a hollow box under your 4 smaller toes, so that you engage your big toe, rather than use a gripping strategy for stability. We haven't used the MoboBoard yet, however we have heard great things about the product.

Click here to access the website. The MoboBoard is priced at $84.95 USD.


13. Ablespine

Ablespine is a patented foam design which replaces the need for a foam roller (as its not recommended for your back), and acts as a tool to help realign, and open up your spine and upper body. Its gaining more popularity - with AFL clubs beginning to utilise it, and I've used it myself a few times - with positive results.

Click here to access their website. The Ablespine is priced at $149 AUD.


14. Agile Toes

A knock of version of Correct Toes, albeit at a much lower price. We've used these quite regularly, and have found relief wearing them when we have tight feet. These are a good alternative if you have a tight budget, or if you need convincing before you buy Correct Toes.

Click here to access these via my Amazon affiliate link. They're priced at $6.70 USD


15. Injinji Socks

Another product which is synonymous with the barefoot shoe movement; Injini socks provide customers with toe socks that cater to each toe - rather than conventional socks, which can restrict toes. We own a couple of pairs ourselves, however we rarely use them. We've noticed some mixed emotions with toe socks within the community; a lot of people don't like the way that they feel, and we fit into that category. In my experience, they didn't fit my odd shaped toes. When possible, I wear no socks - however, wearing conventional socks is totally fine; you must ensure that you find a pair which doesn't restrict your toes... or you can have a look at the Belenka socks below!

Injinji socks are available on their website, click here. They're priced from approx $13 USD upwards.


16. Belenka Socks

I'm very excited to try these, as my feet don't work with toe socks. The shoe company Belenka, have introduced 'barefoot socks', which are ergonomically designed to give your toes unrestricted freedom.

Click here to view the website. They are available in a number of colours, and are priced from 7.50 Euro for the low cut version, and 7.90 Euro for the normal length.


17. Styleholz

Styleholz produces a "woodstick" which incorporates rollers which move in a circular motion - useful in providing relief when rolling your fascia and muscles. They are available in 3 versions, and they look very interesting.

Click here to access their website. There are 3 products, ranging from 49.95-69.95 Euro.


18. Yoga Half Balls

These Yoga Half Balls are a knock-off of the Yamuna Foot Wakers, at a fraction of the price - and possibly the quality. If my memory serves me correctly, the Yamuna Foot Wakers are approx $75 USD for 2. Available here (affiliate link). From what I've observed, they can act like a massage ball, as well as being utilised for stability and exercising. I'd love to try these in the future, as one of my favourite foot gurus uses them in her exercise regimes. Click here to see her page!

Click here to access the website through my Amazon Affiliate link. They are priced at $19.89 USD each, or 2 for $29.88 USD.


19. ToePro

The Toepro was designed by Dr. Thomas Michaud, and acts as an exercise platform designed to improve performance from recovery and injury. It's pretty self explanatory, and like other tools - uses different angles and exercises to target muscles, which would otherwise be much more difficult to engage.

Click here to access their website. The ToePro is priced at $85 AUD.


20. Lacrosse Balls

Another item which needs no introduction. Lacrosse balls are part of every restoration kit, and not only that, they're effective at targeting other parts of the body - I particularly love using them on my hamstrings.

Click here to purchase (Affiliate link). They are priced at $10.95 USD for a set of 2.



Thera Cane is a self massager used to apply pressure to muscles. The Theracane takes advantage of its odd shape, to allow you to leverage the tool into certain spots on your body. I was introduced to the Theracane after seeing Naudi Aguilar from Functional Patterns use it, and use it quite regularly. It's particularly helpful for hard to reach spots, such as the back or abdomen.

Click here to buy the Theracane from my Amazon affiliate link. Priced at $29.95 USD.


22. My Foot Function - Foot Rehab Kit

My Foot Function is organisation focusing on feet workshops, certifications and general education. It was founded by Gourgen Gevorgyan. Their website is available to view here. They've brought out a Foot Rehab Kit - which includes a Fix Your Feet online workshop, a Blackroll black box (mini-roller, large roller, peanut ball and regular ball.), Blackboard rehab tool, Mini-band, Toe separators and aMini-band workshop.

Click here to view. It is priced at 169 Euro.


23. Earth Runners Foot Restoration Kit

Identical to other products of the same nature, albeit at an extremely competitive price.

. Click here to view their website - Affiliate LinkPriced at $15.99 USD.


24. Balance Boards - Revolution Fit 3 in 1 & the Rocco Balance Wobble Board

Balance boards are a great way to improve your leg stability and overall coordination. They're a staple when it comes to rehab tools, and are more common integrated now for more functional fitness regimes. I got introduced to the Revolution 3 in 1 while doing functional patterns, and it gives your legs a workout that a standard wobble board can't come close to. The Rocco wobble board is a generic wobble board, I use a similar one quite regularly, however its more suited for one leg at a time, and isn't as diverse. Nevertheless, its a great addition for the price advertised.

Click here for the Revolution Fit 3 in 1 - priced at $179.95 USD. Click here for the Rocco Balance Wobble Board - priced at $14.99 USD.


25. Bosu Balance Trainer

David Weck is the inventor of the Bosu Balance Trainer. Its one of the most versatile tools, as you're able to use both sides as a balancing platform, in addition to using it as a bouncing instrument. However, it doesn't stop there. Its also useful for core exercises - such as the cobra. I've used this many times during functional patterns training, and it's such a valuable tool.

Click here to access the Amazon Bosu Store. It is priced at $197.98 USD.


- Alex TBSR


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