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Product Review Episode 3 : The Dorsiflex

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Product Description:

The DorsiFlex is an adjustable, multi-plane device - designed to manoeuvre the toes and foot into positions, to target a variety of muscles in the lower limbs. In addition to benefiting muscles throughout the lower limbs, it has become particularly successful in treating plantar fasciitis, and has therefore been marketed around treating it.

The manufacturing of the product exudes quality - made from various materials (Metal, rubber, plastic), and completely adjustable. It's approx 40cm long x 25cm wide (enough to accommodate the largest of feet).

Essentially, it acts as a portable platform - allowing you to position the device into various angles and planes, where you can use it to stretch or load your foot.

It is priced at $165 US, and has a 60 day full-refund guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the product. You can check out the website here.

(Disclaimer: The Dorsiflex was given to me to review, however my opinion is my own).

Company Overview:

"We are two friends, and avid runners, who both suffered from the same painful problem, plantar fasciitis. It was not only ruining our quality-of-life but preventing us from doing what we love as well.

After years of standing on tennis balls, rolling on frozen water bottles, and trying every foot and toe stretch under the sun, we knew we needed to create a better product to increase the stretch to target specific muscles and muscle group combinations that were the cause of our seemingly never ending pain.

Our idea was to improve and innovate stretching for lower leg, foot and heel injuries – offering a deeper and more complete, personalized, leveraged, versatile stretch of all muscles and muscle group combinations in the lower leg and foot. DorsiFLEX is simple to use yet incredibly effective in achieving those goals.

Our mission is to help other plantar fasciitis sufferers with a product and method that works and eliminate and eradicate plantar fasciitis and heel pain forever.

Jim and Steve, Founders"

Product Test:

On arrival, and inspection - The Dorsiflex was quite an impressive piece of engineering...

  • Weighing at least just over one kilogram - this thing is solid, and im sure would outlast a lifetime

  • Adjusting the angles is easy, and secure

  • There's a rubber section on your mid foot, for additional grip (I'm assuming)

  • Comes with a carry bag, and a booklet with exercise instructions.

After reading about the recommended exercises in the booklet, I decided to put it to the test...

The angles were easily adjustable - with the highest angle being a bit too intense for me. Once adjusted, I did a bit of a stretching routine, followed by some straight heel raises and some bent heel raises.

Normally, heel raises are one of my least preferred exercises. Not that it's painful or strenuous, they're just incredibly boring.... However, the Dorsiflex made them more fun, and it definitely targeted the muscles much more.

Image - Loading the Plantar Fascia (Below)

Image - Stretching (Below)

Future Product Improvements:

  • More compact product (Already in the works)

  • Possible adjustable mid foot area?


Prior to using the Dorsiflex, I had a sore spot in my right arch. Within a week, this started to get much better - to the point where I'd have to palpate it heavily, to test whether it was still there.

As you all know we're human, and with our distracting lifestyles, It can be hard to constantly keep up with foot exercises - however the Dorsiflex makes these exercises a bit more fun.

When i do get foot pain, or tightness in my feet or calves - The Dorsiflex is a tool that I return to. It targets the plantar fascia like nothing else, increases big toe strength and mobility, and is helpful in stretching your foot in a variety of angles.

With nothing else quite similar on the market, you can't say you've tried everything for your Plantar Fasciitis if you haven't tried The Dorsiflex. With a 60 day money back guarantee, it's worth a shot!

-Alex, TheBarefootShoeReview


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