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Product Review Episode 1 : North Sole Insoles

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

North Sole is bringing competition to a niche that is currently being unfulfilled in the barefoot industry; A completely customisable insole, that caters to barefoot shoe wearers. They're wide, zero drop and arch support, flexible and fit most brands. They're set at a competitive price point, a home business, and are available in different thicknesses.

Company Overview:

"Developing insoles came about as a result of spending all day on concrete. Discomfort was a daily feeling for John, so he started researching and experimenting, and after over a year of testing different materials, thicknesses, densities and combinations, settled on one which solved the discomfort; this became our first insole: the Legacy.

Through continued research we found that the shoes we were wearing were not particularly healthly for our feet (narrow toe box, heavy cushioned and inflexible) and more importantly, our body as a whole. After learning about minimalist shoes John bought his first pair: a used pair of Vivobarefoot RAs. 

The insoles they came with were worn out and had holes in them, so he ditched those and tossed in his Legacy insoles. He immediately started wearing them to work, and for the first week felt like the weirdest yet most liberating thing ever. Freedom. 

As far as the Legacy insoles, he didn't realized their true benefit right away. It wasn't until he tried the RAs out without any insole. He couldn't do it – it was too much being on concrete all day without any cushion. Vivobarefoot have the thinnest outsole (3mm) in the industry so it was literally like walking on straight concrete. 

The Legacy insole allowed him to be comfortable without comprimising flexibility, allowing his feet to still function and get stronger, while still providing amazing ground feel. This is when he knew he was on to something – a solution for helping people get into healthy, minimal footwear."

Product Description:

2 products are available; The Legacy Three, which has 3mm of cushioning, and the Legacy, which has 6mm of cushioning. I had the opportunity to test both.

Product Details/Materials:

  • NASA grade materials: The materials we use are THE BEST. Our foam will not squish down over time like other memory foam insoles do, allowing you to put on many more miles, comfortably.

  • Dual-layer technology: Upper layer contours the foot which helps distribute weight over a greater area, leading to reduced pressure points and increased support and stability. Bottom layer reduces peak deceleration G-forces (which means greater shock reduction) and adds durability to the insole.

  • High performance moisture-wicking fabric on top pulls water away keeping your feet drier.

  • Treated with Microban® to prevent growth of odor causing bacteria.

  • Easily trimmed with a pair of sharp scissors.

  • 100% Made in USA

Product Test:

I've had issues with Vivobarefoot insoles, as they'd often scrunch up at the back of my shoe - To the point of having to readjust the shoe every so often. It was a pleasure to quit having to contact their customer service for new insoles, as the North Sole insoles have given me no problems whatsoever, and the Legacy Three is a staple of mine. They're also much more durable than other insoles on the market, and after months of use, they don't have an embedded footprint.

I personally didn't get much use out of the Legacy, which is the 6mm model. However, I can see the benefits for people with foot injury, or sensitive feet.

Future Improvements:

  • Mass production and a more refined product

  • Neuro insoles

  • Sandals?

  • Thermal insoles


These are a superior alternative to any standard barefoot insole on the market that I've come across. They're extremely durable, and easy to clean, and come in a couple of options. If you're tired of having to replace insoles regularly, give them a go!

(Disclaimer: These insoles were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own).


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