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Episode 70: Barefoot Pals

This is easily the softest most flexible shoe I have ever worn. Despite arriving completely flat in an envelope and concerns about it having that clown look, it actually looks so fabulous on the foot, has a normal foot shape and because it is so flexible it does not restrict movement in any way. I spent the past few days wearing this shoe for the holiday season and I was so so impressed it felt like I wasn't wearing shoes at all!

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Company Overview

Gaucho Ninja, the Creator of Barefoot Pals is Lisandro’s first mass made barefoot shoe brand. He has been crafting and custom making barefoot shoe for people since 2015 and wanted to have a way to bring it to the masses.

After research and factory scouting, The concept of Barefoot Pals was created.

We have corresponded over the years with Lisandro and his wisdom and his experience in the barefoot shoe world is unparalleled.

More about Barefoot Pals

  • Barefoot Pals are like wearing your slippers, only they look like shoes and behave like shoes. Keeping your feet protected, dry and comfortable.

  • ELEGANCE Barefoot Pals are beautiful and graceful. They can fold and fit into your bag and be donned at a moment's notice when you need to shift your style from more casual to more elegant.

  • HEALTH Barefoot Pals are truly barefoot shoes. They support the natural shape of your feet to help them do the job they are designed to do. They are extremely flexible to allow your feet to be flexible too, the way nature intended. Our mission We believe we have created the ultimate barefoot shoe. Designed in the UK by Gaucho Ninja, we are now offering these unique barefoot shoes at an affordable price.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own. This page uses affiliate links, and by purchasing from an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission which doesn't cost you anything.

First Impressions:

  • This is easily the lightest, most flexible and comfortable shoe I have ever worn.

  • The aesthetics look quite different on the foot and off the foot

  • The leather is so soft, so supple, and so thin.

  • The sole is a Vibram Sole.

  • Despite being a high top it is such a flexible shoe that there is zero ankle restriction

  • Due the softness of the leather there is noticeable toe poke.

  • Despite not being a super wide shoe once again due to the flexibility of the leather there is absolutely no restriction of the feet, toes or foot function in any way

Notice the toe poke, the toes sticking out of the top of the leather, this means that they are not restricted in any way.

Sizing and Fit:

My foot is 26.1 Cm length and 10 width, and the shoes fit me truly and snugly. The sizing and dimensions are perfect. I have a high volume foot.

For those with lower volume foot or are unsure about their ideal size you can reference the sizing chart below which measures the insole length.

Because there are so stretchy, majority of people's feet will fit in but your feet may poke up through the top ( this is normal) and may go over the insole slightly.

For lower volume feet you can add an insole for added thickness and comfort.

In my opinion this is the ultimate barefoot shoe exactly as Gauci Ninja the creator claims!

It fits the foot perfectly albeit it is a bit more of a dressy style and as someone who spends most of his time barefoot it's less of a shoe I would run in but more a shoe I would go to formal meals or out on a nice date night in.

Because of its suppleness it can accommodate majority of foot types and if it cant I recommend you hit Gaucho Ninja up as he does custom makes ;)

There was zero break in time and this again is the most flexible shoe I ever wore I didn't even realize I was wearing shoes.

In fact I spent an extensive amount of time in these in my Holiday Season, hours in prayers and long festival meals, and where normally I would eventually kick off even the most minimalist barefoot shoes, these stayed on my feet.


This shoe is marked as a dress shoe and indeed it goes very well with dressier outfits but that shouldn't stop you from dressing it down or best yet wear it with a kimono like the models on their site.

1. Upper and lining:

  • The upper is the softest most supple bio degradable leather.

  • The laces are durable cotton waxed laces.

  • Every aspect of this shoe is lightweight and bendy in every good way possible

2. Sole:

  • The sole is a Vibram Super Flex sole at a stack height of 6mm.

3. Weight and movement:

  • While I would not run a marathon in this as i would fear to poke a hole in the soft leather, it is super lightweight, soft and flexible.

  • Its delicate and thin leather does not put pressure on your toes at all despite not being particularly wide.

  • It weighs in at a 245 Grams

Technical Specifications:

Upper: Biodegradable leather

Lining: Soft Suede Leather

Stack Height: 6mm

Sole: Vibram Super Flex

Drop: 0mm

Weight: 245 g Eu 42

Available sizes: 36-46

Price: 192$, As of publishing this article the sale of 40% off the first 50 pairs has ended.

TBSR gets you 10% off.

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe with a slightly damp cloth if it gets dirty. Be wary not to be too aggressive with the soft leather.

Future Improvements:

  • I honestly have nothing to improve in this shoe. It is perfection!

Where and how to wear:

Barefoot Pals are a stylish and dressy shoe/boot that can be worn on dressier occasions and dressed down as needed. I wore it for several days straight by the local holiday season and my feet felt like they were barefoot the whole time!


The barefoot Pals are everything the barefoot world need in a dress shoe, they somehow eliminated the flat sports car look that many minimalist dress shoes suffer from, kept the shoe super lightweight, and non restrictive in any way and are truly a delight to wear.

Click here to access the Barefoot Pals website. TBSR gets you 10% off.


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