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Episode 7: DaVinci Lapworth

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Firstly, I’d like to thank Eric from DaVinci Barefoot for contacting me, and being generous enough to send me a pair of boots to review. Recently, I had an unwanted hiatus from reviewing, due to work, study and life commitments taking priority. However, being contacted by Eric, along with commencing university holidays around the same timeframe, inspired me to rebrand, and revamp my platform. I felt a sense of appreciation, as though my opinion was relevant to the barefoot community.

Unfortunately, due to my lack of activity on Instagram, I was naively unaware of the existence of DaVinci. I must’ve missed out on their marketing.

Anyway…. After browsing their website, I immediately felt drawn to the Lapworth – in the wax ox blood colour-way. Upon viewing their range of products, I noticed that they specialised in leather boots – which had a classic appearance, i hadn't witnessed previously in the barefoot industry. They also appeared to use the highest quality materials available.

They're set at a high price point, which in hindsight, is on par with the superb quality of their products, and comparable to most other competitors offering similar products.

Their products cater to both men and women, in a range of similar looking models for both sexes, with ever so slight design variations - such as slight disparities in width, height or eyelet variations. 3 different models are available in both men’s, and women’s, in 3 different colour choices, ranging from $298-$327 USD. They also have generous sale offers regularly.

Women’s: Primavera, Pickford, and Talmadge.

Men’s: Lapworth, Mohawk, and Baxter.

Company Overview:

Designed in LA and made in Mexico, DaVinci shoes pair traditional shoemaking techniques with innovative design to create the ideal fashion-forward barefoot shoe. Every aspect of each shoe, from the leather to the laces, has been specifically sourced and custom-made for us. At our family-owned 15-person factory in Léon, each pair of DaVinci shoes is expertly handcrafted using the classic Stitchdown technique which forges exceptional durability and flexibility. Alongside tradition, DaVinci shoes reflect our deep environmental commitment, using recycled materials whenever possible as well as new design components in ecological ways. As recommended by podiatrists, our barefoot approach ensures comfort and orthopedic integrity which we incorporate with killer design, so our shoes aren't only good for your feet - they look good too.” - DaVinci Barefoot

Initial Impressions:

Upon opening the shoebox, I was hit with the most beautiful leather smell…. This gave me some idea of the quality of the product I was dealing with. In all honestly, I can't recall that I’ve ever inspected a shoe to this degree. From the wax covered laces, to the stitching, to the dual leather and coconut rubber sole…. I was in awe.

Next came actually wearing them….

I was a bit sceptical on the toe box at first. My foot wasn’t cramped, and nor did it have any pressure on it; However, I’m more accustomed to having access to more toe mobility, which mesh barefoot shoes deliver. The mid foot could’ve been slightly wider for my foot, however the heel was perfect! I was aware that their website states how they’re designed to adjust to your foot with wear, however, I was impatient and had them stretched overnight by a cobbler.

Upon returning, they were much better. Not perfect, but definitely much more wearable. Time for the test run… I wore them on and off for the next couple weeks in casual surroundings, without a single moment of pain, or discomfort. Their sole has quite an amazing barefoot feel, as they’re absolutely flat, and they have an inbuilt leather lining which acts likes an insole, which I previously hadn’t had the luxury of wearing in other shoes. (Their shoes can also be resoled).

Their upper is also uncharacteristically smooth compared to other leather shoes, and I didn’t receive any blisters or other skin irritations.

Technical Specifications:

"The Lapworth features a full leather construction, blucher boot with open lacing in a 5-inch tall Oxford/Derby hybrid design. Created using 360 Stitchdown construction, it boasts exceptional durability, waterproofing, and flexibility. Named for our founder’s home on Lapworth Drive of Agoura Hills, which was lost in the 2018 Malibu fires." - DaVinci Barefoot

· Full grain leather upper

· Full Leather Liner

· Waxed Laces

· Oiled Finish

· 360º Stitch Down Construction for flexibility

· 5mm coconut rubber/leather sole


This is the initial range of shoes made by DaVinci Barefoot, which could eventually prove monumental. In comparison to other leading footwear brands - which took time to develop into something recognisable, they have undoubtedly earned some appraisal and recognition from me, which can only increase in the future.

Their material choices, quality, and aesthetics are unmatched. My only critique focuses on the width of their mid foot, and toe box (which of course, is subjective depending on each person). In the future, I would like to see a bit more emphasis in catering to people in the market with wider feet, a possible low cut range - such as an oxford, or a range catering to people with a lower budget, or vegan options in mind.

I also believe that in order to provide a more accurate review, I need to wear the Lapworth for a longer period of time until they've been completely broken in. For now these boots will be used for dressier occasions as I don't see myself wearing a boot on a daily basis.

TLDR: The Lapworth is the most handsome shoe I've ever owned, and uses some of the highest quality materials available. They could improve in toe box and mid foot width size in the future, however I feel as though i need to wear them for a longer period of time.

As they are, they're definitely worth considering, and having in rotation within your barefoot arsenal - specifically for dressier occasions.

-Alex, Thebarefootshoereview.

(Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own).


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