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Episode 67: Feelgrounds "Patrol Winter" & "Patrol Lite"

Updated: Sep 21, 2022



After making a huge splash in the barefoot community in 2019 -- Feelgrounds continues to make noticeable strides, by providing their customers with a range of ever-evolving and stylish barefoot shoes at a competitive price. Owning much of their success due to their cutting-edge online marketing approach - they've successfully crowdfunded $250,000 to assist with production, released their much loved "Original" model, followed by the "Highrise", the Droptop (Slip-on), the Promenade (Sandal), Original Luxe and the Patrol.

The Patrol is the first boot released by Feelgrounds. It is available in 4 colours (Sand, Dark Brown, Steel Grey and All-Black), is made from 100% Vegan materials and includes a gusseted tongue - for water resistance. It also claims to withstand temperatures up to -20°C / -4°F, and includes a more heavy duty 10mm sole. As of 2022, this model has been slightly updated, and includes a more supple upper and shorter laces. In addition, a "Patrol Lite" version has been released and it is reviewed later on in this article - which is better suited for warmer climates, and does not include a waterproof membrane, has additional breathability and does not have a faux-fur inner.

Click here to access the Feelgrounds website.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own. This page uses affiliate links, and by purchasing from an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission which doesn't cost you anything.




Company Overview:

"We are a young team of innovators. Our mission is to make barefoot shoes available and appealing to more people.

We launched our first sneakers model in April 2019 on Indiegogo and raised over $250,000 due to the massive support of our amazing backers. Feelgrounds™ was funded within 48 hours.

We're planning to expand our range of models and styles in the future, while continually striving to build better footwear."


Manufacturing and Sustainability:

"At Feelgrounds, we believe that footwear manufacturing can be done responsibly, so we decided to use mainly recycled materials. Our shoes are also 100% animal-free. Our goal is to create shoes that are better for your feet and better for the environment than traditional shoes.

Feelgrounds shoes are manufactured under fair conditions in Vietnam. All workers are of age and benefit from social, medical, and accident insurance. The workers' salary is above the regional average. Sustainability, fairness, and transparency are important values to us.

All materials, used for Feelgrounds, are responsibly sourced. The upper and laces fabric comes from recycled PET bottles. We use a special footwear TPE material for the outsole. This material is extremely flexible, durable, and fully recyclable."

Shipping and Returns:

  • Feelgrounds shipping is no longer free, and costs can be found here.

  • "If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we're happy to let you know that you may apply for a refund/exchange within our return policy of 30 days. The shoes have to be clean and undamaged to be eligible for a return. Shoes that were worn outside are not eligible for a refund/exchange. Any returned item not in its original condition or packaging, damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error may be applicable only for a partial refund.". Click here to view the refund policy.



First Impressions:

  • The aesthetics of the profile - The Patrol looks like a Timberland boot.

  • The sole - this is a different sole to Feelgrounds normal sole. With a 10mm stack height (without insole), its thicker and more robust, and has more traction.

  • With a faux-fur inner and felt insole; they look quite warm.

  • They look well made. Gusseted tongue is high enough to stop most water.

  • Shoelaces are a bit long.


Sizing and Fit:

**My foot is approximately 292mm in length, with my 2nd toe being the longest. At the time that I measured my foot, the width was approximately 110mm. I'm normally an EU47 or US13.**

**Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Dimensions: 30.8 length 11.4 width**

In my opinion, Feelgrounds runs "true to size" (TTS); meaning that there shouldn't be too much hesitation once you find your foot measurements on their chart (with an additional 7-12mm of added length to your foot). Generally speaking, if you wear a certain size in Vivo, or Groundies, it "should" be the same size in Feelgrounds. One other thing to note, is that the Patrol feels as though its wider, and certainly has more volume than most Vivobarefoot I've tried.

The Patrol is a mid-high volume shoe (great for people with larger feet); however, the laces can be tightened to adjust to any volume foot- therefore, the volume can be reduced slightly if you tighten the laces, or if you use an insole to decrease the volume. Overall, the toe-box is quite generous, and the material is non-restrictive.

There was no need to break in the shoe; the sole has a natural feel to it - completely flat and free of contours, and the upper is extremely soft and supple throughout. The shoe does rise close to the ankle - however as the upper material is supple - this is a non-issue. While it is particularly not stiff it can restrict ankle mobility just a tad.



The Patrol is marketed as a winter boot, with waterproof and snow-proof properties. It does not have the most minimal sole, and the sole also has a bit of traction.

1. Upper and lining:

  • The upper is Vegan and has a leathery feel to it, which seems to be quite durable.

  • The lining is a faux-fur, and when combined with the felt sole - is fairly warm with insulation.

  • The shoe has mid-high volume and has decent room for your feet.

  • The upper is a bit rigid - considering the height of the boot, this is fairly normal.

  • The shoe has a gusseted tongue - which is successful at repelling water and moisture.

  • The shoe does not have the best breathability properties.

2. Sole:

  • Stack height is 10mm, or 13mm with an insole.

  • The sole is flexible and has decent ground feel for its thickness; however, if this is a major issue, another shoe might work better.

  • The sole is gummy and has a decent amount of traction.

  • The sole is completely zero drop and has a nice amount of width.

3. Weight and movement:

  • The shoe loses mobility as it has a decent amount of height and uses a faux-leather material, which also reduces movement.

  • The weight is quite reasonable considering that it is a boot. 346 g / 12.2 oz (EU 41).



Technical Specifications:

Upper: Vegan PU leather

Lining: Recycled fleece inner lining and vegan fur inside collar

Stack Height: 10 mm (13mm with insole)

Insole: Comes with a 3mm felt insole and a 3mm cork insole

Sole: TPE & TPU

Drop: 0mm

Weight: 346 g / 12.2 oz (EU 41)

Available sizes: EU 35 - EU 49

Price: 179 USD

Care Instructions:

  • To clean your Patrol remove all loose dirt with a soft shoe brush. If necessary, go in with a clean, soft shoe brush to apply some lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution

  • Wipe any excess product with a moist cloth

  • Air dry at room temperature after cleaning or when the shoes got wet

  • Feelgrounds Patrol is not machine washable


Future Improvements:

  • Minimal sole option.

  • Non-waterproof version with mesh breathability.

  • Shorter length.

Where and how to wear:

The Patrol is a hardy winter boot with fashionable aesthetics. They can be worn for casual settings as well as for the outdoors.


Patrol Lite

Patrol Lite

The patrol lite is very similar to the regular patrol with some key exceptions

  1. It comes in 3 colors, and does not include Sand like the standard patrol does.

  2. The leather has a slightly finer texture and is a bit softer.

  3. The primary difference is the lining. The lite shares the same inner shaft as its outer really giving it that nice timberland look while the rest if micro suede. The winter on the other hand has a inner shaft of faux fur with the rest being fleece making it significantly warmer.

  4. There are slight cosmetic differences in the eyelets and the laces of the 2.

  5. The Patrol lite is water resistant but is not waterproof. The patrol is completely waterproof.

  6. The Lite comes with Cork Insoles whereas the other one comes with warmer felt insoles.

You can read more about the major differences here

It also priced at 169$ compared to the winter version which is 179$

We went with the Steel Grey and we ordered true to size. Our general size is Size 8/42. Our Foot Length is 26 cm and width is 10.1 Based on the sizing chart we Choose a size 8/41 which fit us perfectly but could of chose a size 42 and it would of been fine as well.

The patrol Lite specifically gives more of an urban feeling then the patrol winter. And it is also much more breathable because it does not have a waterproof membrane. It looks and feels so much like a Timberland boot but it is super flexible and doesn't cause all the pain other restrictive boots do.



The Patrol are in regular rotation during my Winter. I prefer them to my Lems Boulder - as they have less stack height. However, when I feel I need more ground feel, I wear something else. With their larger sole, they look less 'barefoot' than other boots I own, which is a bonus - as I feel that boots look 'sock-like' without a bit of stack height.

The new and improved model of the Patrol Winter claims to have a more flexible upper with added breathability, and also has shorter laces - which should negate any issues in this model. If you're looking to replace your Timbs, than the Feelgrounds Patrol is a great option.

The Patrol Lite is all the boot that the winter has but just more breathable and great for even the hotter months. Its awesome for those who want the boot look without the warmth and heat.

Click here to access the Feelgrounds website.

Alex & Sean


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