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Episode 63: Bearfoot Osos

Updated: Oct 16, 2022


These are a beloved addition to the slip on family. Their beautiful suede aesthetic and grippy sole really appealed to me. The ability to slip them on and off at ease as well as fit very comfortably on my muscular feet makes them a true delight to wear. If you are feeling lazy and just want to take out the trash in them they even feature a collapsible heel to make them a slip on. With enough comfort for beginners but enough ground feel for more advanced people these may be one of the best slip ons on the market at the moment. These tend to fly off the shelves whenever they are in stock and as of the day of writing this article they just had a restock so snatch them up while you can.

The website can be accessed here TBSR10 gets you 10% off.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own. This page uses affiliate links, and by purchasing from an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission which doesn't cost you anything. Thank you, and enjoy the read!

Company Overview:

What started as a pipedream by two regular guys in Fargo, ND to make specialized socks that could be a minimalist alternative to normal gym shoes quickly evolved into a thriving shoe company paving its own path through the footwear industry. It began with a DM that Co-Founder Chris Duffin received in his inbox pitching an idea for a minimalist footwear company. Reluctantly, Chris declined this offer as it seemed to be just another attempt to capitalize on his growing influence online. After having his inbox flooded with requests asking to collaborate, Chris decided to invite these two over-ambitious gentlemen to his home in Portland, Oregon to pitch the idea to him in person. Only a couple days later they had arrived to meet face-to-face, and a few hours later a partnership and brand-new company was formed. Chris quickly expanded the vision of the company to focus on minimalist shoes instead of socks, and just a year later Bearfoot Shoes had already made an impact on the barefoot community with only one shoe offered in one color. Offering a simplistic, minimalist solution to over-designed footwear, they had a product that helped solve the multiple health problems that modern footwear causes to millions of people worldwide. With the company’s rapid growth, they needed to upgrade their development and manufacturing, fast. The Bearfoot Team then gained a new member who had worked in the shoe industry for decades, who then used his connections to introduce Bearfoot Shoes to Esquivel Shoes. George Esquivel is a world-renowned shoe designer who creates unique footwear for celebrities all over the world. With these new relationships established, Bearfoot was able to bring its manufacturing and development to North America. This brought huge improvements in quality and opened doors for new product options. “Optimizing the Human to Ground Interface” was and is Bearfoot’s mission from now and into the future, and we will continue to take the path less traveled as we pursue that mission. influences, but otherwise has no influence on the foot and its functions. ”

I do have to say as a fellow barefoot athlete, strength and conditioning coach, and personal trainer, it's so refreshing to know the shoe is actually made with athletes and gym goers in mind in particular the grippy sole.

Manufacturing and Sustainability: After initially producing the first batch of shoes out of the united States, Bearfoot was able to bring the manufacturing into the states as well as increase the quality of the shoe itself. The shoes themselves are assembled in Mexico.

Since then they have released high tops, low tops, lux versions and of course the slip on we are reviewing today the Osos.


We aim to fulfill orders within two business days of when the order is placed (Monday-Friday). Products with a previously detailed lead time on the product page are currently back ordered and will be exempt from this. In this situation we fulfill orders in the order they are received as soon as we receive the product into inventory.

If upon receiving your order you find any issue or damage to the product, please email us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Please note that the shipping service that you select is paying for the class of service the order will be shipped through, and the times noted on those services reflect arrival time after fulfillment and not arrival time from when the order is placed.

International Customers: Bearfoot LLC is not responsible for import duties or customs fees incurred when receiving international shipments. These fees vary from country to country, and the shipping cost paid reflects what we pay. The shipping cost charged does not include any import duties that will be charged by the customer's country upon arrival. This also includes fees for specific services such as the brokerage fee that UPS Standard charges. Returns: We generally accept returns and exchanges within a 30-day window of when the order is received by the customer as shown by the shipment tracking. We reserve the right to inquire as to the reasons for the return and/or exchange and determine if the customer has justified reasons for returning/exchanging their product.

Refunds can only be provided in the original payment method. If a customer no longer has access to that payment method, they will need to contact the bank or agency for the original payment method to claim the funds after the refund is sent.

Domestic Returns (USA):

Domestic customers will be responsible for their return shipping outside of the 30-day window, unless the product has a manufacturing defect – in which case we will provide a prepaid return label.

To initiate a domestic return/exchange, please click this ==> Return Label Portal

International Returns:

International customers will be responsible for shipping both ways for returns or exchanges outside of the 30-day window, unless the product has a manufacturing defect – in which case we will try to work with you on a return. Please contact our customer service at

All returned items are subject to a processing and restocking fee of 15% of the total product cost if deemed appropriate by Bearfoot LLC on a case-by-case basis.

Please allow up to 15 days for your return or exchange to be processed. This does not include manufacturing time for exchanged products. First Impressions:

  • The Grey Suede outer is darker then it appears on website but is still aesthetically pleasing

  • High volume and very wide

  • The attached insole provides a bit of cushion

  • The sole is very grippy and great for lifting weights in.

  • The Bear claw Logo adds a cool ambiance to it.

  • Can be worn casual, gym and even dressier occasions

  • Collapsible heel is a huge plus.

Sizing and Fit: **My foot is approximately 26 CM length with 10.1 width with my second toe being longest.** I have high volume muscular feet.

Based on my experience with their other model the Urus, I Ordered my size of 8.5 ( of which i normally an 8) With slip Ons in particular it is very important to order true to size as, if your feet swim in the shoe a bit there is no laces to tighten it with. I followed their sizing wisdom and it was perfectly accurate. The Osos fits true to size and forms to the shape of your foot. I am typically a 42 in most barefoot shoe brands. Here are the sizing recommendations for all of our different styles of shoes:

Ursus [LT] / [HT] - If you prefer a snug fit; order true to size. If you want a little more wiggle room for your toes; order a half-size larger than normal. When you first try on the Ursus they might feel a little snug, but don't worry. Because these shoes are suede leather, they will form to the shape of your unique foot shape over the first couple of weeks of wear.

Ursus-Lux [LT] / [HT] - Fits slightly smaller than normal. Since these shoes are made from canvas and not suede, they will not stretch as much, so if you prefer a snug fit; order true to size. If you want a little more wiggle room for your toes; order a half-size larger than normal.

Osos - Fits true to size. Since these are suede leather just like the Ursus; They will form to the shape of your unique foot shape over the first couple of weeks of wear.

Sizing Guide:

Full sizing guide on their website. It is very accurate when in doubt size up. Sizing Guide


The Bearfoot Osos is the perfect every day slip on, gym shoe in particular because of its grippy sole, and out and about and go out for a casual dinner. Because of the suede it can get a bit hot so keep that in mind for the summer months. As I own my own gym and I generally lift barefoot, there are no rules requiring me to wear shoes but I have done a fair share of heavy lifting and this and they provide that perfect extension of your foot that strength training requires

Upper and Lining:

  • Leather Insoles

  • Beautiful suede exterior

  • Made with Genuine American Leather

  • Leather Lined Interior for Extreme Comfort

  • Very wide and great for high volume feet.

  • Nice outer stitching

  • Collapsible heel


  • Very grippy, designed for lifting in.

  • A non removable insole which does provide comfort but I personally prefer a removable insole.

Weight and movement:

  • Weighs in at 486 grams/17.1 Oz for a pair. Considering most lifting shoes weigh 3 times that, this is a great lightweight alternative.

  • This is the widest slip on I own and an extremely generous toe box.

  • Can gym in it like a conventional sneaker

Packaging and Extras:

  • Barefoot manual

  • Not included normally but we received an epic Bearefoot flag which we proudly hung in our abode as well as a Bearfoot shirt

  • Cute dogs not included especially as he is the Co author of this Blog.


  • Upper: Genuine American leather Suede

  • Interior lining: Leather

  • Sole: Grippy Rubber

  • Weight: 486 grams for a pair size 42

  • Stack Height: 5/6mm

  • Available sizes: 36-47

  • Price: 115$ Plus shipping/ (adult sizing)

Care instructions:

1. Spray leather with Suede Cleaner until shoes look wet. Do not spot-clean, always treat the entire item for an even finish.

2. Use Horse Hair Buffing Brush to gently clean suede. Future Improvements: Overall these make for one of my favorite slip ons but, I would like a removable insole option for less sole thickness as needed. It is also not so breathable so perhaps a lux canvas version of this as well.

Where and How to Wear.

It comes in 3 colors ( Ice Grey, Black, Badland/Brown) making it easy to match with anything, I personally just slip it on whenever I want a shoe with minimal hassle, and goes with about anything.


The Osos is a welcome addition to the barefoot world, with a niche for lifters and gym goers alike, I understand why people obsess with it. Without the hassle of laces and the easy to slip on, as well as being accommodating to high volume muscular feet, I find myself reaching for these whenever I need to put on shoes.

The Bearfoot Osos can be purchased here. Code TBSR10 can be used for 10% off


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