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Episode 58: Magical Shoes - Lupino

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I've seen many chelsea type boots in barefoot models and was yet to find one that was truly aesthetically pleasing. Many of the models I've seen were less flattering shapes or just didn't look like good quality. The handmade Lupino boot both feels like quality and looks like quality and is so aesthetically pleasing. I was looking forward to trying the spring model since it's a more breathable option of a chelsea type boot for spring or fall. The boot is super lightweight and flexible and the entire inside upper is lined with air mesh to create a more breathable shoe while the outer upper is a beautiful natural suede leather. And best of all they manage to create a wide toe box while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic.

Click here for the Magical Shoes site.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own. This page uses affiliate links, and by purchasing from an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission which doesn't cost you anything. Thank you, and enjoy the read!

Company Overview:

Everything started from our grandfather Mietek, who in 1966 opened his little shoe repair shop. Thanks to his determination and involvement he gradually developed skills and gained experience, at the same time influencing his three sons who soon began to show passion for shoes. Till now each of them has been operating actively on the footwear market."

"In 2015 Aldona Zawada, the founder of magical shoes and the daughter of one of these three sons, decided to combine half-century experience in manual production with a fresh look on the problem of big footwear brands that flood us with shoes which block the natural effort of our feet. The shoes that we wear should be adjusted to the shape of our feet, have a zero slope between the heel and the toes and be maximally elastic. These should be shoes that don’t have a negative influence on our health."

Manufacturing and Sustainability:

"Magical Shoes is the Polish manufacturer of minimalist footwear.

In our offer we also have vegan shoes made without the use of materials of animal origin. From the beginning of our existence, our most important values have been care about high quality of production, health of users of our products, nature and environment. This is how we created a product that provides comfort of walking and thanks to technologies used by us (among others elastic and lightweight magical rubber zero drop sole), you have an impression of walking barefoot – with all advantages of this statement!

our minimalist shoes are produced manually, in Poland, from highest quality, local materials. We care about the natural qualities of our products, we only choose suppliers who operate in accordance with ethics. Our vegan shoes are an answer to caring about nature. you can be sure that your minimalist pair of shoes is made with care for every detail, which is guaranteed by our qualified shoemakers."

Shipping and Returns:

Shipping is FREE ON ALL ORDERS OVER €100/110$

We deliver your parcel to every place on earth for only 6€/7$.

Domestic shipments are completely FREE.

Packages are sent from a warehouse in Poland from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

They ship within 24 hours of order.

Europe: Germany, Czech Republic - Courier DPD: delivery time: 3 – 5 days

shipping cost: 6€/150Kč

Europe (other Countries): International registered letter: delivery time: 5 – 7 days

shipping cost: 6€/6£

World: International registered letter: delivery time – 10-20 days

shipping cost: 7$

the cost of 2 pairs- 10 $

For more information on shipping click here


You have a 30-day refund term (from the moment you receive the footwear) to get a full refund. The cost of return shipment is covered by the buyer.

For more information on returns click here

First Impressions:

  • Aesthetically pleasing shape

  • Very lightweight

  • High quality

  • Extremely flexible sole

  • Good tread

  • Easy to put on and take off

  • Can look great with dress or jeans

  • Airy/breathable

  • Zero break in time due to its softness and flexibility

  • Super minimal sole

  • Excellent ground feel

  • The sandy color goes with almost everything

Sizing and Fit:

**My foot is 25cm long and 9.5cm wide, with my large toe being the longest.**

I'm a generally a women's US 8 or EU 39 and at times a EU 40. I received these shoes in a EU 41 and could of definitely sized down to either 39 or 40, however, it fit well with a thick sock. But I do recommend that if you want to experience the breathability of the shoe without a thick sock and enjoy it in the spring and fall then stick to your normal size. If you want to wear with thick socks then perhaps size up one size.

The boot felt so minimalistic immediately. It was so lightweight and flexible and has wonderful ground feel. The tread on it is great for everyday wear around town or to work. I like how the rubber sole comes up slightly in the front by the toes and the back by the heel to protect from wear and tear. There was zero break in time and was really a pleasure to wear.

Magical Shoes provides a sizing chart and guide. Click here to access.


The Lupino boot is similar to the classic Chelsea boot, without interfering with your foot's function and movement. It's an excellent classy and quality boot to wear to the office or on daily errands that won't hinder your foot's abilities in anyway. The lightweight feel on your feet is such a pleasure and the breathability makes it comfortable to wear on warmer days. Unlike the traditional chelsea boot, the Lupino has a side zip up for extremely easy on and off.

Upper and Lining:

  • Upper: premium soft suede leather

  • Lining: air mesh fabric

  • The upper was created on a special, flat and wide toe form for a wide toe box

  • Handmade in southern Poland

  • Breathable and very light

  • Side zipper for easy on and off


  • Zero drop

  • Completely flat and very flexible Magical Rubber sole provides the foot with better mobility and stability.

  • The women’s barefoot shoes are reinforced with a stitched sole, so they will last longer.

  • 6.5mm Elastic Rubber sole for extreme flexibility

Weight and Movement

  • Extremely lightweight

  • 180g (EU 41)

  • Zero break in time

  • Extreme flexibility in the sole allows for completely unhindered natural foot movement


Season: spring, summer, autumn

Intended for: everyday, work, walks

Upper: premium soft suede leather

Lining: air mesh fabric

Sole: Magical Rubber: 6,5 mm

Weight: 180 g (size 41 EU)

Flexibility: the highest

Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)

Price: $139

Sizes: EU 35 - EU 43. Only available in Women's sizes but my husband tried it and it looked great. Although keep in mind it'll probably run smaller and narrower for men.

More Insulated Version on the Chelsea Barefoot (Lupino Brown)

For those looking for a warmer, colder climate friendly version of the Lupino chelsea boot, Magical Shoes has a version that is very similar but without the the lining of air mesh fabric. Made with high quality felt it's a more insulated option yet breathable as well. It is available in both men and women sizes.

Notice the difference between the Lupino model and the traditional chelsea boot. The traditional chelsea boot is stiff, thick soled with an elevated heel, generally only slip on and quite a narrow toe box. A big red flag in the traditional chelsea boot and many boots in general is the restrictive high top which limits your ankles mobility. The Lupino model allows for full ankle mobility and does not restrict your foots movement in any way.


If you want to enjoy the use of your minimalist shoes for a long time, it’s best to use natural products for cleaning and weather protection. For footwear made of leather, use natural wax for conditioning. In addition, for conditioning of our winter models, we recommend sprays with nano technology, they will take care of waterproofness.

Wearing socks depends on the customer’s preferences. However, we know from experience that it is better to wear socks for hygiene reasons and to keep your shoes fresh for longer, even with minimalist footwear.

Future Improvements:

I think Magical Shoes really did the world of barefoot shoes justice by producing this Chelsea style boot. I am very pleased with the shoe and can't find any faults. I look forward to thoroughly enjoying them throughout the seasons.

Where and How to Wear:

The Lupino Spring boot can be dressed up or down with a nice pair of jeans or with cute dress. It is a great option for every day wear and the neutral color will go well with almost every outfit. Its extreme flexibility and lightweight feel will give you confidence in every step throughout the day.


Quality, quality, quality. You can tell by just looking at the boot that this shoe was made with love. From the aesthetically pleasing shape to the extreme flexibility and lightness, this boot will become a go to staple in your closet. I can't wait to enjoy this boot on more occasions and I know that it will last me well.

You can Access Magical Shoes website here.

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Marilee Astro
Marilee Astro
11 may

Your review helped me decide to buy. Having just received a pair I could not disagree more on so many points.

Cheap zipper, smell of glue, scratchy synthetic mesh lining...wobbly fit.

Now facing international return shipping. I certainly don't hold you responsible, however folks need to know another side.

Me gusta
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