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Episode 49: Freet Mudee

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The Freet Mudee is a barefoot fan favorite due to its all around resiliency, comfort and pleasing feel.

I purchased the Freet Mudee after trying 3 other hiking boots and still not feeling satisfied that they were the one.

Price: Sells for $148.50 (€110)

Sizes: The freet mudee is available in sizes EU 35-48.

Color: Black or Tan Brown

Material: Vegan - Advanced hydrophobic micro fibre material – MicroF2.

Despite the company claiming that it is water resistant, I actually found it to be completely waterproof.

You can purchase the Freet Mudee using our 10% off discount code: TBSR10

Website here

Company Overview

Freets are a barefoot shoe company specializing in kids and adults' footwear, including a range of boots and split toe socks. They’re based in the UK and began making shoes in 2011. Freet barefoot stand out for their comfort and uber wide toe boxes.


  • All shoes are fully flexible, have a roomy toe box and are zero drop (same height at front and heel) to allow natural movement

  • Breathable, durable, water resistant upper made from our advanced hydrophobic micro fibre material – MicroF2. This upper is breathable, durable and water resistant as well as quick drying. Unlike leather which tends to absorb water, our MicroF microfibre sheds water (hydrophobic)

  • Water resistant and breathable lining

  • Freet 5in1 asymmetric forefoot for natural foot shape allowing toes to spread naturally

  • ConnectComfort removable 2.5/3mm OrthoLite insole aids shock absorption whilst ensuring excellent ground connectivity. There is a 5/6mm OrthoLite insole and RockPlate available to purchase if you want more shock absorption and/or further protection from sharp rocks

  • Conventional lace

  • GripPlus performance outsole ideal for light trail or mixed trail/urban use. If worn purely on tarmac/concrete, this outsole will wear more quickly than our MultiGrip, but provides more grip on the trail than MultiGrip

  • Vegan

  • Stack height: 7mm (4mm without insole)

UK Shipping:

DPD courier:1 to 2* days £4.50

*Shoes ordered by 12 p.m are normally despatched to arrive the next day.

USA Shipping:

If your delivery address is outside UK, 20 % VAT (sales tax) will be automatically removed at checkout so you do not pay it. You are responsible for paying any local sales tax / duties / handling fees if applicable.

Your shoes will be dispatched within 1 to 2 working days. Shipped by DHL which is a fast and reliable service (5-7 days). You will pay £15 per 2 pairs of shoes, £7 if just socks or insoles.

International Shipping:

Shoes – £35 for every 2 pairs of shoes. Socks, insoles, rock plates & laces – £7. If you purchase shoes and socks, you will only pay shoes postage. .

Your shoes will be dispatched 1 to 2 days after ordering using DHL.

For more shipping and returns info check out their website

After receiving the boots, I was immediately blown away by how light they felt and the zero break in time needed.

The Freet Mudee is a unique blend of a slipper, hiking shoe and all around shoe that is one of the most comfortable shoes I own.

While on the site it claims to be water resistant, I have put it through rigorous tests of snow, rain and mud and water has never gotten in, as long as you don't allow the moisture to come in from the top.


  • The shoe comes with an ortholite insole if you choose to have a little more thickness.

  • The sole itself is 4mm without the insole ( 7 mm with) which makes this one of the thinnest soles on the market for hiking.

  • This is the kind of shoe that is so comfortable that when you wear it you never want to take it off, because it is so light it feels like an extension of your foot.

  • Has great traction on regular concrete even in the rain but according to the site walking constantly on harder surfaces will wear out the sole quicker.


  • The shoe is not very warm, for colder days I have put in thermal insoles and even sheepskin insoles on winter hikes.

  • The tread is great for day to day and even regular hiking but is inadequate for more rough terrain hikes like mud, snow, or off the road more rigorous adventures.

  • While I am a die hard fan of the shoe and it ranks #1 place in my barefoot shoe collection, many people do not like the aesthetic of it. If you were to compare it to a shoe like the Vivo Tracker, it is far less pretty but much more functional in my opinion.


  • I chose to size up 1 but regretted it as without the insole and socks it is a bit too roomy, but with thick socks it is perfectly fine.

  • Your feet may slide in it ever so slightly, as someone with wide feet I did size up but would NOT recommend doing so.

  • A thicker insole or sock can help with sizing if a bit too roomy. I’ve used the Vivo Barefoot thermal insole or Soft Star Sheepskin insole for added warmth and snugger fit.






  • The Mudee comes in both brown and black.

  • I own the brown one which makes for a pleasant earthy look and goes well with most outfits, looks like a standard hiking shoe.


  • The Mudee has held up the rigorous tests of grass, concrete, turf, snow, rain and shine. I find it very comfortable for all terrain with exception of very cold or very slippery (ice, loose rock etc.)

  • Toe box like all Freet shoes is uber wide and very square shaped, this leaves plenty of room even for the widest foot. Notice the toe box in comparison to timberland in the photo below.

Upper and Lining:

  • Vegan lining with a rather thick cuff around the ankle, the tongue sometimes has trouble staying in place even when tied.

  • Due to the thick cuff, those with very wide feet will have to loosen the laces enough to slip your foot in.


  • The sole being so thin allows for a great ground feel yet no moisture will seep through. If you wear the insole you will add just enough thickness to make it great for longer duration hikes as well.

  • Removing the insole makes for one of the most minimalist hiking shoes out there with just 4mm between you and the ground.

Weight and Movement:

  • Size 42 weighs 620 grams making it an extremely light, flexible, and easily packable boot.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild detergent.

  • Air dry – never place near heat.

  • Freet MicroF microfibre upper material will benefit from a high quality, natural gentle water based treatment to ‘condition’, maintain ‘suppleness’ and water resistance. Nikwax is recommended.

  • Mudee is an ultra light duty barefoot shoe not designed for professional or arduous use or extreme climates.

In conclusion the Freet Mudee makes it way as #1 in my rather large barefoot shoe collection due to its comfort and ability to handle most terrains. Things I would improve would be a better grip, warmer materials, and possibly more colors. The company seems to be doing so with the recent ibex and tundra models with their newer hill grip outsole.

Adventures of mine with the Mudee:

  • Hike to Musala peak in Bulgaria in knee deep snow ( do not attempt this at home) only got wet by the deep snow when snow was able to get in.

  • 120 kilometer Golan Trail hike in Israel, shoe of choice. Held up very well and combined this with wool thick socks.

  • Colorado blizzard hike. Held up well but was not warm enough.

Website here

Discount code TBSR10 for 10% off.

That's all for my favorite shoe out of my whole collection,

Until next time,

Barefoot high five,



Nov 30, 2022

Thanks for the review and the code! Just ordered my black pair of mudees which are currently on sale plus some waterproof hiking socks to get me through winter. Brilliant!

Jan 01, 2023
Replying to

Hey, I'm so thrilled to hear that we helped you and I'm sorry about the late response

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