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Episode 33: Zeazoo "Coral"

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


Unlike your usual your leather shoe, Zeazoo uses a soft calf leather that instantly moulds to the shape of your foot and is soft to touch. This gives them a fantastic advantage when it comes to comfort and concerns about wearing in your leather shoes or allowing them time to mould to your foot to ensure they are comfortable. For this review, I tested out the Coral sandal in Gold-Beige. A very trendy looking feminine sandal, that comes in numerous colour options. The Coral sandal is available in sizes EU 35 - 42 and is on sale for a reasonable price of 68 euro.

The Zeazoo Coral is available in the following colour options:

  • Gold-beige

  • Yellow

  • Gray

  • Pink

  • Red

  • Camel

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(Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own - This is also an affiliate code).

Company Overview:

“Zeazoo is a family business, established in Bulgaria, in 2011. We've started in the very beginning with making and selling minimalist shoes that provide a true barefoot feeling . All our models for children take into consideration the natural development of the child’s feet. The models for adults meet their need to go minimalist. All our shoes are made of natural materials, complying with the EU regulations for safety chemicals usage (REACH) and with our standards as responsible and loving parents.

Our mission: to provide comfort, freedom of movement, warmth and beauty. We make most of the products upon order, because every 3rd pair we make is a custom pair.

We work with professionalism and we have a lot of experience. Our shoes are hand-made, which guarantees that every pair is cared for and made with love and attention to the detail by a professional third-generation shoe maker in our own production facility in Bulgaria.

We are constantly improving the design of the models and the materials, based on our clients feedback and needs.

Dear parents, we all know how important it is to choose comfortable shoes made of natural materials that are consistent with the needs of the kid’s feet. Our children spend a lot of time in shoes at home, outside or in the kindergarten. That is why, we should not underestimate the materials and the construction of the shoes we buy for our children and  for ourselves.

Each one of you can customize the shoes by combining colors, adding symbols, writing names, and customizing the shoes dimensions.

Enjoy every moment you and your child spend in our shoes!


Jordan (Dad) and Gergana (Daughter) - your shoe designers!”

Initial Impressions:

  • Incredibly soft, I've never felt a leather shoe so initially soft

  • Light weight and flexible - these have a vibram sole

  • Cushioned inner sole

  • They look like they're good quality for a handmade shoe, well finished

  • Very trendy looking and stylish

  • Soft on the skin on the inner fabric

Sizing and Fit:

My foot is approximately 235mm and although I like to consider it slim it has widened over time. I found this sandal to be the perfect width, wide enough to have room to move, but also secure enough to hold your foot in. I usually wear a size 38 in most shoes, however Sonya advised an EU 36 Wide in the Coral, which was perfect in this case.

My measurements:

  1. 23.5cm

  2. 22.5cm

  3. 23cm

  4. 29cm


  • It was so amazing to put your foot into a leather shoe and not feel the need to break it in. This shoe was automatically soft and comfortable from the get go.

  • This sandal has great width, although the toe box is mostly enclosed there is still a great amount of room for your toes to move around yet still feel secure.

  • The vibram sole on this sandal allows for a good amount of flexibility, cushioning and comfort but remains a decent protective layer.

  • Because this leather is so soft it does crease easily, so for that reason I wouldn't wear it as a daily shoe

  • If you wanted to you could wear this for long periods and walks because it is just so comfortable

Technical Specifications:

  • Upper: Natural waterproof (hydrophobic) calf leather - free of formaldehyde and azo dyes.

  • Lining: Natural calf leather - free of formaldehyde and azo dyes.

  • Insole: High quality calfskin

  • Sole: 6 mm light flat Vibram® Superflex. 

  • Drop: 0 mm

  • Stack Height: Approx 6-8mm

  • Sizes: EU 35 - 42


The Coral sandals has to be on of the nicest sandals I own. They are definitely a pair I would wear to a dressy occasion or even a wedding. They go with all the lovely dresses in my wardrobe and I wear them mostly as a special occasion shoe. I love how lightweight and soft these are and definitely recommend them as a formal shoes or dressy sandal.

Due to the leather being so soft, they do crease easily. For this reason they wouldn't be my day to day sandal, as I would worry that I would eventually crease them too much. I want to retain how nice they look at the moment, and increase the longevity by wearing them for more special occasions.

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-Jade, TBSR


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