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Episode 32: Zeazoo "Pelican"

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


Potential barefoot shoe customers (especially those with less experience) in the market for a barefoot boot, often have identical concerns whilst on the lookout for their next purchase. Common concerns, such as having a stiff "cast-like" sole, or an upper which requires a painful period of "breaking in", seem to top the list - and rightfully so. With the introduction of the Zeazoo Pelican, these concerns are non-existent; Perfect for casual or even dressier occasions, priced at 140 EU for a handmade boot!, and ranging in sizes EU 39-47 - it's a practical addition to ones shoe collection, and it barely feels as though you're even wearing a boot!

The Zeazoo Pelican is available in the following colour options:

  • Gray

  • Brown

  • Brown in Waterproof Leather

  • Camel

  • Blue in Waterproof Leather

  • Black in Waterproof

  • Black

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(Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own - This is also an affiliate code).

Company Overview:

“Zeazoo is a family business, established in Bulgaria, in 2011. We've started in the very beginning with making and selling minimalist shoes that provide a true barefoot feeling . All our models for children take into consideration the natural development of the child’s feet. The models for adults meet their need to go minimalist. All our shoes are made of natural materials, complying with the EU regulations for safety chemicals usage (REACH) and with our standards as responsible and loving parents.

Our mission: to provide comfort, freedom of movement, warmth and beauty. We make most of the products upon order, because every 3rd pair we make is a custom pair.

We work with professionalism and we have a lot of experience. Our shoes are hand-made, which guarantees that every pair is cared for and made with love and attention to the detail by a professional third-generation shoe maker in our own production facility in Bulgaria.

We are constantly improving the design of the models and the materials, based on our clients feedback and needs.

Dear parents, we all know how important it is to choose comfortable shoes made of natural materials that are consistent with the needs of the kid’s feet. Our children spend a lot of time in shoes at home, outside or in the kindergarten. That is why, we should not underestimate the materials and the construction of the shoes we buy for our children and  for ourselves.

Each one of you can customize the shoes by combining colors, adding symbols, writing names, and customizing the shoes dimensions.

Enjoy every moment you and your child spend in our shoes!


Jordan (Dad) and Gergana (Daughter) - your shoe designers!”

Initial Impressions:

  • Their texture – This is the softest leather I've ever come across. There is no need to break it in

  • They're wide throughout – They are the widest boot that I own

  • They're light and flexible throughout – they use a vibram sole

  • Handmade – however they look perfectly finished

  • Very smart looking – suitable for casual and dressy looks

Sizing and Fit:

My foot is approximately 292mm, with my 2nd toe being the longest.

Sonya from Zeazoo, was such a pleasure to deal with during the manufacturing process! She guided us during the measurement process, assisted us with any questions, gave us updates on the shipping, and even checked up on us during the Australian bushfire crisis! She gave us the following link to assist us in finding the correct shoe size. She recommended an EU 46/US 12 in Wide (as I told her I want at least 1cm extra for toe splay), and there were no issues - although, I'm tempted to say I could've easily went down to a 45 (Sometimes its better to be on the cautious side though...). Pictured below, are the measurement guidelines from their website, in addition to my own measurements.

My measurements:

  1. 29.3cm

  2. 27cm

  3. 28cm

  4. 34cm


  • The leather upper is the softest leather I've ever come across. Due to this (and the lack of hard seams), there was absolutely no need for break in time, or to even consider whether this would cause my feet any damage. Just put them on, and enjoy!

  • The toe box and mid foot is wide throughout, and gave my toes absolute freedom. Amongst the top 3 widest shoes I've worn, and the widest boot I currently have. These are also ideal for a high volume foot.

  • In addition to the soft leather upper, the Vibram sole gave the shoe additional flexibility - providing so much freedom and flexibility for a boot! The vibram sole is completely flat, and doesn't affect your feet whatsoever, yet it also gives you enough cushioning and protection to handle more unpredictable movement.

  • Overall, the Vibram sole, width and supple leather, makes wearing the Pelican such a joy. It's such a light and flexible boot, and ultimately - it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing one.

  • I haven't tested the water permeability of the boot. However, they are fairly well insulated and have decent breathability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Upper: Natural waterproof (hydrophobic) calf leather - free of formaldehyde and azo dyes.

  • Lining: Natural calf leather - free of formaldehyde and azo dyes.

  • Insole: High quality calfskin

  • Sole: 6 mm light flat Vibram® Superflex. 

  • Weight: 270g a pair

  • Drop: 0 mm

  • Stack Height: Approx 6-8mm

  • Laces: Textile laces with additional pair of silicone laces

  • Sizes: EU 39-47


With the "barefoot boot" market expanding over the past few years - the addition of the Zeazoo Pelican is a perfect choice for those who don't intend on sacrificing style for comfort. With a classic Chukka-style aesthetic, sneaker-like flexibility, handmade quality leather and materials, and with a reasonable price tag to "boot" - I hope the Pelican can get the recognition it deserves in the future.

They're capable of being worn formally, casually and I'm confident I could even run in them! Hands down, the widest, and most comfortable boot I own, with my only issue being due to my error... I preferred an extra 1cm of room in length, and am curious whether I could've worn a size smaller because of this.

Click here to view! Use the code 'thebarefootshoereview' for 5% off.


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