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Episode 12 : Freet Spring 2

Updated: Jul 21, 2020


The Spring 2 were the second pair of Freet shoes I’ve worn, the first being the Connect. They’re a barefoot shoe company specialising in kids and adults footwear, including a range of boots, and split toe socks. They’re based in the UK, and began making shoes in 2011.

My experience with the Connect was quite positive, as Freet in general, seem to hit the mark, regarding that balance of quality, price, functionality and comfort. Following my previous experience with Freet, I decided to take the gamble and invest in a pair of Spring 2, when the chance came along.

The Spring 2 is available in black/charcoal and ranges in sizes 36-48, they are currently available for 30 pounds on the Freet Website, with both Freet and I recommending to upsize 2 sizes from your usual size. The Spring 2 has been discontinued and replaced with the Flex, however get in quick, as stock is still available.

I was unfortunate that the size was too small (EU48), and no larger sizes were produced, thus forcing me to return the shoes.

Initial Impressions:

  • The Spring 2 appeared to have superior craftsmanship when compared to the Connect. They looked somewhat like an old-school trainer as opposed to a barefoot shoe, and were extremely light.

  • The upper was quite stretchy.

  • The outsole was different compared to other Freet models, which I actually preferred, as it was almost completely flat, and felt more responsive. Other Freet soles wrapped around the upper a bit, and aggravated my fifth metatarsal bone during my early stages of wearing barefoot shoes (as that’s the widest part of my feet, and usually a dealbreaker for me, when deciding whether a shoe is right for me).

  • Elastic laces could cause problems locking the foot in. A clip also held them in place.

  • The insole adds almost unnoticeable comfort, as its quite thin.

  • The width throughout the whole shoe was perfect, and the volume was slightly bigger than average. Overall a great shoe thus far.

  • The shoe wasn’t long enough for my toes.

  • Glue markings on the upper didn't give me such good impressions


With only the length of the shoe, and lack of testing being the downside in this review, these shoes almost felt flawless. As I didn’t want to endanger the terms of the return policy, I could only test them around the house, however, the short test was positive. The sole felt softer, and bouncier in comparison to other barefoot brands, even in comparison to other Freet shoes, and come to think of it, maybe that’s how the Spring 2 got its name.

The volume was a bit large for my foot, and combined with the elastic laces could be an issue, however I assume this could be somewhat rectified with conventional laces. Overall, they were extremely light, and felt like a sock with a sole.

Technical Specifications:

  • Upper: Vegan Silkmesh

  • Stack Height: (No information available) Estimate between 4-7 mm

  • Weight: 350gm pair of size EU 42

  • Outsole: Gum Rubber (No outsole thickness information available) Estimate between 2-5mm

  • Insole: 1mm fixed insole and 2.5mm removable insole

  • Drop: 0mm

  • Elasticated laces


As I’ve become more accustomed to being aware of what is right for my feet, I was certain that these shoes weren’t the right fit, and would eventually cause problems in the future, therefore returning them was inevitable. However, there was a sense of irony, being that my experience with footwear also made me feel that these could’ve been one of the best barefoot shoes my feet have ever worn.

If you can find these in your size, snap them up immediately and enjoy!

*Disclaimer* Due to not being able to test the durability or ease of cleaning of the shoe, I gave it the same score as the Freet Connect.

- Alex, Thebarefootshoereview


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