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Xero Fall 2023 Releases

Xero's much-anticipated Fall 2023 collection has arrived, and once again, it has left us utterly amazed. It's astonishing how they manage to surprise us each year with their innovative designs. Every year as we rock their new releases we get the "Sean (or Sara) Why are you not wearing barefoot shoes"?

From cozy slippers to retro hiking boots, this year's releases span a wide range, and we couldn't wait to put them to the test.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: Before we dive in, we want to disclose that this post contains affiliate links.

Starting off with the Nexus, this slip-on sneaker caught our attention with its normal yet stylish appearance. The sneaker-like look coupled with a slip-resistant outsole borrowed from the Forza trainer make it perfect for gym activities. It's a versatile option that transitions seamlessly from workouts to everyday wear. While the initial fit was snug in our regular size, removing the insole solved the issue. It's our go-to for casual lifting, park outings, and quick errands around town.

The unexpected star of the collection was the retro hiking boot. With a rugged outsole that's surprisingly adept on various terrains, it's a bold blend of functionality and style. Hiking boots are not typically known for their fashion-forward appeal, but Xero managed to change the game. Beyond aesthetics, it's also completely waterproof, expanding Xero's waterproof collection. The faux midsole adds an illusion of thickness, enhancing the overall look.

A long-awaited gem from last year, the Mesa Waterproof Trail, has finally arrived. This low-top waterproof boot is a rarity in the market, offering both ankle freedom and complete waterproofing. As we prepare for an international tournament in rainy Ireland, these are our sole companions. They promise to keep us dry without sacrificing movement. These are very few low top boots that are also waterproof.

Sara's choice, the Pagosa, serves as a cozy house slipper, perfect for winter months. Its paper-thin sole maintains ground feel while ensuring warmth. It's among the lightest in her collection, making it an instant favorite.

Speaking of favorites, the Kona has claimed the title of the ultimate beach shoe. Designed to embrace the sand and waves, it's an invitation to experience coastal adventures in style.

And that's not all! Xero has also brought exciting upgrades to the HFS and Speed Force models. These enhancements take performance to new heights, catering to athletes who demand nothing less than excellence.

Xero's innovation knows no bounds, with the consistent release of new models twice a year. Their ability to combine creativity with functionality continues to impress us. If you're interested in exploring their latest offerings, check out their sale through our affiliate link listed below.

You can find the sale of up to

25% off the new models

USA here and there EU Store here

As always, we're excited to see where Xero's journey takes us next. Their commitment to reinvention ensures that we're in for a ride filled with stylish surprises.


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