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Softstar Brand Round Up

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Softstar is one of the coziest and OG brands that make minimalist and natural footwear. They were founded way before the minimalist movement became popular and they also ship to all corners of the world. Located in Oregon, Softstar has some of the most unique barefoot shoes and styles all while promoting sustainable living, products, and using natural materials whenever possible. They also have a very wide collection of kids models and everything is hand made.

Their staff are magical elves who are some of the kindest people we have ever corresponded with, and their shoes from their most rugged Switchback boot all the way to the coziest Fireside slipper are unique in every way.

Everything is handmade in their workshop in the US, and they use sustainably sourced materials.

It is also the only manufacturer of children's shoes based in the United States, with all materials sourced from within the United States.

You can use our code TBSR to save 10% on most models excluding the new oxford.

In order for the code to work you must be logged in to the softstar site.

Code Expires: 4/18

You can find all their models here.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review; however, my opinion is my own. This page uses affiliate links, and by purchasing from an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission which doesn't cost you anything. Thank you and enjoy the read!

Softstar can customize a good majority of their models, meaning you can choose the coloring of the eyelets, lacing, leathers, and even types of soles which makes these even more unique among brands.

Sole Types

Let's first examine the different soles they use. While some models are set with what they come with, with other models, like the Primal Run Amoc, you can choose which sole you'd like.

For example, as illustrated below, you can choose:

  • A 5mm Vibram sole

  • A mega grip Vibram sole

  • A 2mm super minimalist Vibram sole

Some of their models also come with a natural Bullhide bottom, which since being natural materials can potentially have grounding benefits. After testing this theory, we conclude it to have some grounding benefits if the ground is wet.

Sizing & Fit

Softstar has regular width and wide width available. The wide width used to be labeled as 'primal' but was changed to 'wide' to avoid confusion as of last year. I have 10.1 mm wide feet. I usually order the wide version and I still always have some extra space by my big toe. This has never affected me negatively and because of the super generous width these shoes are definitely suitable to those with very wide feet. Their Wide (Primal) Version is one of the widest shoes on the market.

Should I Order Wide or Regular?

Their sizing chart on site is fairly accurate, but in general if you have narrow or regular width feet the regular version should be fine for you. If you consider yourself to have wide feet, then go with the wider versions when applicable.

Illustrated below is an example of the Primal Wide Width vs. the Regular Width.


Softstar ships to nearly everywhere in the world, which is pretty rare in the barefoot shoe world, especially considering everything is locally made in the US. They also offer free or very affordable shipping, always making it very easy and pleasant to buy from them. Note that certain countries may have additional charges based on their VAT policy.

Let's take our home country as an example:

Israel: Orders under 150$ will cost 12$ shipping. Orders over 150 are FREE shipping. Customs and Taxes can be paid either at checkout or once they arrive in your country.

In general, you can stay updated with all sales by subscribing to our newsletter. This can save you some money in the long run.

Now that we know how to order and get them to our country, lets browse their collection!

1. Softstar Fireside Sheepskin Slipper

This is hands down or shall I say feet down the warmest slipper I have ever worn. While I do like being barefoot at home, the winter here can get icy cold that penetrates your bones, so this is a great warm slipper that can keep even the smallest little piggie warm.

The lining is made of plush fleece and can also be replaced if it gets worn down.

I ordered my regular size of 42. They fit me in a very roomy manner but does not slip off my feet.

Note: You want to be wary of getting them wet since the sensitive sheepskin leather can then rip. We do not recommend wearing this outdoors. You also can replace the insole with new sheepskin fluff insoles allowing you to increase the longevity life of the slipper.

Price: 125$

Vegan: No

Customizable: No

2. Softstar Pheonix

This cozy Ugg look alike is where a cozy hug meets a rugged sole. The shaft is tall and sits higher up on the leg, really keeping your legs warm, but does not restrict ankle mobility in any way.

The inside is completely lined with sheepskin fluff making this a truly warm boot and great option for a cold and snowy outdoor adventure. While the leather on the bottom is naturally water resistant, the upper suede should be waterproofed. The sole, despite having some thickness to it, is lightweight and has decent traction. For sizing we would suggest sizing up *2* sizes up from your regular size. I am generally a size Men's US 8, with Softstar shoes size 9 generally fits me best, and here a size 10 was perfect. Even the size 10 can feel quite snug in the beginning due to all the fluff inside but it stretches over time. To give you context how snug it can be at first, Sara, who is generally a Women's US 8, fit in these perfectly out of the box, but as it was worn, they stretched and now it's a bit roomy on her.

Moccasin Collection

Softstar also has a large variety of moccasins, the Roo smooth leather, the Roo with nubuck leather, and the merino wool with an adjustable Velcro closure for a roomier fit.

We went with the dark elk nubuck leather.

The Roo is quite warm, so lightweight and flexible, you will never want to take them off.

The only downside is that they are not super suitable for the outdoors. While I have gone on short walks with them with Charlie our pup and they've have upheld well, the outsole is quite delicate and is not recommended for strenuous walking. It is definitely a more minimal slipper and is best suited for around the house. We would suggest this for someone who is looking for just the bare minimum to keep their feet warm and cozy around the house.

The Softstar Switchback is the most rugged, virtually indestructible boot we have tried, and we have tried many. Featuring the Mega Grip outsole, it allows you to take on any terrain and it can both function as an aesthetic combat boot and as an actual combat boot. We wore them once in Reserves and it served quite well!

They have both vegan and leather options and are also water resistant. They fair pretty well on moderate rainy days. However, on heavier rainy days or if going through ankle deep puddles, water will seep in through the tongue area. These are some of the widest hiking boots available on the market and there is zero ankle restriction despite sitting higher up on the ankle. These are virtually indestructible, and I truly enjoy wearing them!

Here is where we fulfilled our shoe collection dream.

We wanted something that we can play sports in. Specifically, a shoe with enough traction to play on artificial turf or grass with spikes of sorts so as not to slip. As a coach of a national sports team, we wanted something that represented our country and team's colors.

Softstar came through and we ordered the Custom Primal Run Amoc with the Mega Grip sole. We got to customize every feature of this shoe and chose a blue and white base with an orange stripe. It faired very well as a cleat for change of direction, but due to its softness you can easily get stepped on, and with very little sole rigidness (which is normally a good thing) you can sometimes bend your toes in funky directions. After extensive personally testing, the Run Amoc is great for running, day to day function, trail running, and with the Mega Grip outsole option can even be worn for sports play but note the disclaimer above.

You can also see a full video unboxing and showcasing here.

They also have a large variety of pre-made options to avoid having to pay the price of the custom one.

Price: $175 Regular, $195 Custom, $205 Megagrip Sole

Vegan: No

Customizable: Yes

Their athletic collection also includes the Moc 3 Run Amoc, Dash Run Amoc, Primal Run Amoc, Moc 3.

All feature different types of fabrics and soles, some dry quicker than others, and they have different features allowing you to choose what is the best pick for you.

My general rule of thumb, the more rugged the terrain or trail opt for the leather versions, and for light running or day to day activities opt for the mesh fabric versions.

Hawthorne Chukkas, Primal Sawyer,

andddddddd (drum roleeeee) their brand-new Oxford!

Unlike traditional Oxford shoes, the Hamilton is fit for all-day wearability. No more worrying about achy stiff feet and squished toes at your formal events. Featuring a foot-shaped toe box, zero-drop Vibram™ sole, and lustrous Austrian leather, for $220, your feet will be able to move, flex, and stretch in luxury. Who says your shoes have to be pointy toed to look sharp?

I wore these to a wedding and all I got was "since do you wear dress shoes?", Despite being a barefoot shoe these are so subtly barefoot it's hard to notice that they are good for your feet! The toe-box is made in a way that doesn't look to rounded but still wide enough for your toes. No need to kick off those shoes by the dancing anymore.

Ballerina Flats, Merry Janes, Solstice Sandal, oh my oh my! There's something for everyone.

Featuring some of the widest shoes for females out there, Softstar has quite the position in the female barefoot shoe market. Their Primal Merry Jane is one of the widest female shoes that exist on the market. If workplaces adapted these instead of their heel requirement, we suspect a lot of foot pain would be eliminated from the world.

Many of the above models mentioned are also available in kids' sizes, and even better, many of them are completely color customizable leaving even the pickiest kid happy!

There are also many other models available, all handmade by the elves with love.


Baby + Toddlers: 0Y-1Y Sizes: 3-5 Child

Child: 1Y-5Y Sizes: 6-12 Child + 1-6 Youth.

Youth: 5Y-10Y Sizes 1-4 Youth

Prices: $70-180

Vegan: No

Customizable: Yes

Native Earth Collection

Cosplay? Burning man? Rugged Hike? These Voyager 5 Botton Boots are one of a kind and will accompany you on so many adventures of a lifetime. The soft moccasin style construction allows the leather to shape your feet to encourage natural movement. Made from Bullhide leather and 5 intricate Celtic buttons. The Vibram Kletterlift 8mm sole is what many of our hero firefighters and law enforcement wear every day. Will feel snug at first but will mold to your feet with wear.

The unisex Sedona Sandals, a modern take on classic warrior sandals, versatile and comfortable, and available in black and brown. Laces can be tied in any creative way to accommodate your preference. Made from repurposed materials.

Note these are the only models that are not made in Softstar's workshop buy rather at Native Earth's workshop in California. Since we have never personally tried them, we can only go off what we have heard.

Price: $130 Sedona Sandal $605 Voyager 5 Button Boot

Sizes: US 4-14 US 5-14

They also sell toe friendly Socks, Toe Spacers, Beanies, Metatarsal Pads, Replacement Insoles, Leather and Shoe Protectant Sprays, Soaps, and Replacement Laces.


Let's give Softstar one of the oldest brands out there the love it deserves, we have never met a kinder brand, with such a strong ethic to produce everything in the US and such a large variety of models truly suiting everyone from old to young, male or female, athlete or desk warrior.

You can use our code TBSR to save 10% on most models excluding the new oxford.

In order for the code to work you must be logged in to the softstar site.

Code Expires: 4/18

You can find all their models here.

Discount Code: TBSR


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