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Episode 68: Origo Shoes The Everyday Sneaker Gen 2 in Natural Leather and Cactus Leather

Origo shoes is a really unique company that has both men's, women's and kids models with a focus on sustainability and natural movement. My only other pair of a barefoot casual white sneakers are the Feel Grounds Original Mesh which I absolutely enjoy wearing, and so I was very excited to try something similar in a leather and vegan leather version. Needless to say I was impressed straight out of the box. The smiley face on the back made me light up as well ;)

There is also a wonderful variety of colors and styles on their site.

The first shoe we tried is the Everyday Sneaker Gen 2 in Natural Leather. At first glance there is really nothing not to like about the shoe. It's casual yet chic, wide toe box yet really flattering on, minimalist yet comfortable. They look and feel durable and seem like a sneaker that will last a few seasons in good shape. The cute olive accents at the heel and tab add a uniqueness to what would otherwise just be another white shoe. The gorgeous pebbled leather upper adds a lovely texture as well as a matte look to the shoe.

The second shoe we tried is the The Everyday Sneaker Gen 2 in Cactus Leather. I mean who knew you can make vegan leather from cactus! (Plenty of Cacti around where I live) Its water resistant bio degradable vegan leather sourced from organic cactus allows you to dress stylishly and be mindful of the planet. The upper has a smooth buttery feel and just feels so light and breathable on the foot. The navy and cognac synthetic leather accents on the heel add a sophisticated touch and the waxed copper laces is a truly unique wow factor. You also have the option of switching out the laces for an ivory color a more muted look.

You can find Origo Shoes here and you can use code TBSR for 10% off.

Disclaimer: These shoes were given to me to review, however my opinion is my own. This page uses affiliate links, and by purchasing from an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission which doesn't cost you anything. Thank you, and enjoy the read!

Company Overview

Origo Shoes was born from our ideas, research, and passion to create a contemporary, and everyday sneaker guided by barefoot design. We became strong advocates of the barefoot philosophy after our premature twins experienced difficulty learning to walk. Searching for solutions, we remembered our own childhood in Colombia, where we often had uninterrupted contact with nature by walking barefoot. Once we had our children do the same, we quickly saw their balance and confidence improve.

Origo is natural footwear in every sense. We’ve created shoes with thoughtful design and natural materials to support your foot’s integrity, all while taking steps to reduce our environmental impact.

Manufacturing and Sustainability:

About 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills each year, with most taking 30-40 years to decompose because they’re predominantly made up of plastic and polymers. At Origo, we’re doing it differently, starting with the shoe.

Our shoes are made with natural materials that we source locally. There isn’t one perfect material; each has its own benefits and environmental cost. We believe in transparency so you can make an informed decision.

Doing it differently goes beyond the materials that our shoes are made of. Every step of the way, we take sustainability seriously, so that you can feel good about shoes that feel good.

  • We minimize the need for long-haul transport by keeping our entire supply and production chain within North America, near our production facility in León, Mexico.

  • We assembled our team of artisans from the first to the last stitch to ensure ethical working standards.

  • We use smart packaging solutions and materials, to be easier on our planet— from garden-compostable wrappers to shoebox-less kraft shippers.

  • We donate to help with reforestation of the Amazon for every pair sold. One Tree Planted has been responsible for replanting acres of rainforest since 2014!


  • Shipping is free to the USA & Canada

  • In Canada buyer pays fees, duties and taxes.

  • Future plans to expand to Europe, UK, Australia and Israel


We are happy to accept a return of your products for a refund of your purchase price, less any applicable fees, within 30 calendar days of placing your order.

For US Orders- Please email us at to send you a prepaid shipping label. A $7.00 restocking fee will be deducted from your purchase price.

For Canada Orders- we cannot create return labels for orders shipped to Canada; shipping costs for returns should be paid directly by the customer. We currently waive restocking fees for orders returned from Canada. Email us at for instructions on initiating a return of your order.

First Impressions:

  • Chic and stylish casual shoe

  • Lightweight

  • Quality

  • Durable

  • Needs a little time to break into the leather

  • Great quality manufacturing and materials

  • Waxed laces add a really nice touch

  • Colored heel tab adds a uniqueness to an otherwise typical white shoe

  • Best to wear with a thin sock to avoid chaffing or sweating

  • Wide toe box yet looks flattering

  • Good tread for every day wear

Sizing and Fit:

**My foot is approximately 25cm long and 9.5cm wide with my big toe being the longest. I generally wear a women's size US8 and EU39 and have a normal volume foot**

I felt like I was between 2 sizes on their chart so I tried both a US 8 which is an EU 38 and a US 8.5 which is an EU 39. They both fit me, however the US8/EU38 was just a tad bit snug by my big toe and the US 8.5/EU 39 was a perfect fit giving me more wiggle room. I would therefore recommend sizing according to your European size since I find it to be more accurate here. Someone with a very low volume foot would probably be fine going according to their US size, however anyone with medium to high volume foot would definitely want to size according to European size or size up a half size.


The Origo Everyday sneaker truly lives up to its name as an every day sneaker. With decent tread and good durability, this sneaker will be well lived in as you walk around the city, the park, to work or to school. Heck you can even enjoy wearing them for a casual bike ride or a fun night out in town. They are the perfect chic meets casual and you won't be disappointed since they will definitely add a unique flair to your outfit.

Upper and Lining:

The Everyday Gen 2 in Natural Leather sneaker has a beautiful pebbled leather upper.

  • Skillfully handcrafted with 100% natural leather upper in white with olive accents at the heel

  • Pebbled leather certified by Leather Working Group

  • Constructed for comfort with a wide toe cage and no heel drop

  • Lining: Natural Leather

  • Waxed cotton laces

  • 5-6 mm stack height for a closer contact with the ground

The Everyday Gen 2 in Cactus Leather's upper is a water-resistant, biodegradable vegan leather sourced from organic cactus.

  • Skillfully handcrafted with a sustainable vegan leather from cactus plants in white, with navy and cognac synthetic leather accents at the heel

  • Constructed for comfort with a wide toe cage and no heel drop

  • Lining: Moisture absorbing faux leather

  • Reinforced eyelets

  • 5-6 mm stack height for a closer contact with the ground

  • Comes with 2 sets of durable, waxed cotton laces in ivory and copper to change the look of your shoe instantly


  • Origo's signature sole is made from a plant-based biopolymer and thermoplastic rubber. This material both lowers carbon emissions and improves the biodegradability of the shoe.

  • Where the upper meets the sole looks super durable

  • Good tread for everyday wear

Weight and Movement:

  • Flexible yet needs a little break in time

  • When walking, the area in the upper before your toes (the crease) that bends with your foot movement slightly presses into your toes giving the shoe a very slight stiffness but that softens with time.

  • Would wear with socks to avoid chaffing or sweating but otherwise feels light and airy.

  • Lightweight: 434grams for pair of Natural Leather US8

  • Pleasant ground feel

Packaging and Extras:

  • Recyclable Origo bag

  • Can change laces

  • Can add an insole


  • Upper for Natural Leather sneaker: Natural Leather

  • Interior Lining: Natural Leather

  • Upper for Cactus Leather: Water-resistant, biodegradable vegan leather sourced from organic cactus.

  • Interior Lining: Moisture absorbing faux leather

  • Laces: Waxed Cotton

  • Outsole: plant-based biopolymer and thermoplastic rubber.

  • Weight: N/A

  • Stack Height: 5/6mm

  • Available sizes: Woman 6-11 (half sizes from 6-9), Men 8-13 (half sizes from 8-11)

  • Price: 125$ inc. VAT (adult sizing)

Their other shoes include Cotton Canvas, Biodegradable, vegan, breathable, durable, machine-washable, anti-mycotic. Cotton needs a lot of water to grow, but it produces the lowest carbon emissions out of any material.

About Origo's Natural Leather: Durable, breathable, ability to mold to your foot’s shape, and moisture absorbing. The local tanneries we source from have certification from the Leather Working Group, the world’s largest leather sustainability program that trains companies on best practices to reduce their environmental impact.

Origo's Vegan Cactus Leather: Vegan, flexible, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and biodegradable. Our organic cactus is farmed using little water and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Responsibly harvested in Mexico.

Corn Starch: To offset our use of oil-based polymers, our soles are partially made of a biopolymer made from corn starch, providing value-added functionality such as improved oxygen barriers and biodegradability.

Care instructions:

Origo Shoes are available in cactus leather, natural leather and cotton canvas. We want you to wear them as much as you want and take care of them wisely. Learn how you can clean each of these materials, your laces and the Origo Sole.

Cactus Leather:

You may clean the cactus leather shoes with a damp cloth and soap. A bit of polishing cream can be rubbed on the shoe for a final finish.

Natural Leather:

Leather Origo shoes can be cleaned with a specific leather care product such as a cream or spray following the cleaning product instructions.

Origo Sole:

Clean the Origo sole with a very gentle brush, soap, and water. For the cotton canvas model, you can put the entire shoe into the washing machine.

Cotton Laces:

The cotton laces can be soaked in water and soap or put in your washing machine with the laundry.

Future Improvements:

I would suggest that Origo recommends customers to size according to their European sizes for most accurate sizing.

I would also suggest for Origo to look into why the part where the shoes bends when walking (the crease) puts a slight pressure on the upper foot causing the shoe to feel a touch stiff compared to other barefoot shoes. It could be its related to the structure/shape of the shoe but otherwise I'm really pleased with the shoe.

Where and How to Wear.

These chic sneakers will make every outfit look good. From sporty casual with your gym outfit to dressy casual with a sun dress, these sneakers will complete every look. And best of all the color accents on the heel of the shoe will give your style a little special touch.

Conclusion: Overall I'm quite pleased with this sneaker as per my first impression. It feels good, it looks good and is created with sustainability and respect for the planet. Origo is definitely a company I would be proud to support and better yet they have a great product that I look forward to wearing in style.

You can find Origo Shoes here and you can use code TBSR for 10% off.


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