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Episode 10 : Q & A with @IMiin_Barefoottrainer

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Hi! My name is I Miin (‘I’ as in like ‘iPhone’ ;P). I’m a EBFA-certified Barefoot Training Specialist with a background in Corrective Exercise. I hope to help people live and enjoy an active lifestyle pain-free with corrective training. You can access exercise videos on my IG: @miin_barefoottrainer. Hopefully you’ll find them useful and complimentary to your training!

Hello I Miin, Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us (:

Hey Alex and Jade, you are most welcome. What an honour to be featured on your blog!

How’ve you been, and whats a normal day like for you?

I’m good, thanks. I try to be grateful each morning I wake up – the fact that I’m doing a job I love, to be surrounded by people who truly matter in my life, and to have a healthy body that allows me to keep hustling! I feel blessed and happy because I think doing what makes us happy is important in life. Don’t you agree?

Most Definitely... Whats your favourite way to wind down?

As corny as it may sound, hugging the person I love and my cats at the end of the day makes me feel relaxed and blessed. Also I recently learnt from Dr.Perry Nickelston (@stopchasingpain) that singing helps improves the vagal tone, which assists in reducing inflammation and stress. So I kinda just like to belt out a few numbers while doing chores at night to wind down. LOL

Can you expand a bit on how you got into the health/fitness industry?

Well, I’ve always been a sports person since I was in school and being active just remained a lifestyle throughout all these years. Even when I was working in a super hectic corporate environment years ago, I never failed to keep up with my exercises. I transitioned out of corporate gradually by pursuing fitness on the side till I was stable enough financially to make a full transition. A life-changing aspect of this was when I moved into barefoot training and correctives. Those who’re interested can read my full story on my website (link in IG) on how exercising with flat feet over the years and gave me multiple knee surgeries, low back pain, etc. All these got rectified when I solve the root cause of the problem, i.e. my feet!

Do you include any foot exercises in your fitness regimes?

Every. Single. Time. In fact, our foot is actually part of our core as it’s connected to our lumbo pelvic hip complex! It is very fascinating.

Do you have any mentors that inspire you?

I draw inspirations from people around me who are happy at what they’re doing,

who perseveres in the toughest time, and who are positive and spread a lot of love. My partner, Aaron inspires me every single day with his kindness, tenacity and selflessness. 

Beautiful answer! How did you find out about the barefoot movement, and what are your thoughts?

I always feel that we humans have an innate sense of wanting to be grounded. I remember how I used to love hiking and walking in nature barefooted without knowing the science behind it. I officially got into the specialization of barefoot training in 2014 when Evidence-Based Fitness Academy (EBFA) brought the course to Malaysia.

What barefoot shoes do you wear most often?


We haven't worn them Skinners yet... Have you faced any injuries, and what advice can you offer to people in that predicament?

Multiple knee operations (for meniscus and cartilage issues). If not for Corrective Exercise and barefoot training, I imagine the surgeons will be asking me to do a knee replacement surgery. The activities and sports that I can do now far exceed what I could do more than a decade ago when my feet were not in good shape!

What are your plans/goals for the future?

I want to spread the benefits of barefoot and correctives training as much as I can through online platforms because I sincerely believe that movement quality outweighs quantity. Exercising with a bad foot posture and/or body malalignments had caused me more harm than good, and I want to help people realize and remedy that if they’re going through the same.

Thank you for your answers, and all the best in the future!

Thank you very much The Barefoot Shoe Review for this interview. You’re doing an amazing job in promoting the barefoot movement and I wish you all the success that you deserve.


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