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Best Barefoot Travel Shoes

As a dedicated enthusiast of barefoot shoes, the anticipation of embarking on a journey often brings forth the perennial debate: how many pairs of barefoot shoes to pack and which ones to choose. With a history of traversing the globe, whether coaching our various sports teams in international tournaments or exploring the behind the scenes of the barefoot brands, we have amassed a wealth of experience in selecting the ideal footwear for travel.

In this comprehensive guide, we will not only explore the best barefoot shoes for airline travel but also delineate the most suitable options for traversing airports and navigating diverse terrains while keeping your suitcase space to a minimum.

*Please note, this post contains affiliate links, which may provide us with a small commission at no additional cost to you.

When it comes to the airport and airplane segment, nothing surpasses the convenience of a good slip-on shoe. Easily removable for security checks, effortless to slip off during the flight, and lightweight for seamless mobility, a slip-on shoe epitomizes travel comfort.

Shamma’s latest lacing system represents a stroke of genius. Transforming any sandal into a slip-on, this innovative feature ensures hassle-free adjustment without the need for manual manipulation. With a design that seamlessly integrates with the footbed, the Numa offers both functionality and style, making it our top choice for travel sandals.

- Price: Varies

- Discount Code: TBSR

- Colors: Black Laces, Black or Leather footbeds.

- Vegan: Yes, with black footbed

Renowned for its minimalist design and lightweight construction, the Nebula emerges as a standout choice for travel footwear. Crafted with a breathable knit upper, it facilitates easy slipping on and off, adaptable for both socked and barefoot wearers. Available in timeless grey and sleek black variants, we recommend sizing down for a snug slip-on fit.

- Price: 130$

- Discount Code: AWN_TBSR

- Colors: Black, Grey

- Vegan: Yes

Offering versatility and ease of wear, the Drop Top Mesh/Knit presents a compelling option for travelers. Whether opting for warmth and waterproofing with the knit option or embracing breathability with the mesh variant, the upgraded sole ensures durability and comfort. For optimal fit, we advise selecting a slightly snugger size for enhanced performance.

- Price: 110$

- Discount Code: NA

- Colors: Black, Grey, White, Green, Pink, Light Blue

- Vegan: Yes, like all their models.

Combining style with functionality, Earth Runners' sandals are a testament to versatility. With multiple sole thicknesses, color options, and lace styles, these sandals effortlessly transition from casual to formal settings. Additionally, their grounding capability provides a grounding effect, ideal for offsetting the effects of extended air travel.

- Price: 68$-94$

- Discount Code: TBSR10

- Colors: wide variety of colored laces available

- Vegan: Yes

Bridging the gap between sneakers and barefoot. Bahe Grounded Shoes offer a semblance of normalcy with their sneaker-like appearance. Boasting ample cushioning for extended airport transfers, these sneakers provide an optimal balance of support and ground feel. By removing the insole, one can enhance the tactile experience, making them a versatile choice for various activities.

- Price: 180$

- Discount Code: TBSR

- Colors: Green, Black, White.

-Vegan: Yes

: A quintessential all-rounder, the Vivobarefoot Decon epitomizes versatility and durability. Equipped with a slip-on style complemented by secure lacing, rugged lugs for outdoor pursuits, and compatibility with diverse outfits, this shoe transcends boundaries. Its adaptability extends to serving as a cleat, further enhancing its utility for travelers seeking multifunctional footwear.

- Price: 200$

- Discount Code: VIVOTBSR

- Colors: Black & Grey, Black & Acorn

- Vegan: No

Embracing minimalism with unparalleled ground feel, Wildlings Taupe/Cahor shoes offer a liberating experience. Designed for barefoot enthusiasts, these shoes provide a sensory connection with the terrain, best worn sans socks for optimal comfort.

- Price: 99$

- discount Code: AWN_TBSR

- Colors: White/Tan

- Vegan: Yes.

Redefining versatility, Icarus Ascent shoes seamlessly blend style with functionality. Resembling the iconic Air Force Ones, these shoes exude urban appeal while boasting interchangeable insoles for customizable cushioning. With a myriad of lacing options, they cater to diverse preferences, ensuring comfort and style for every occasion.

- Price: 148$

- Discount Code: TBSR

- Colors: Black & White

- Vegan: No

The recently unveiled Softstar Camino emerges as a favorite, owing to its unparalleled comfort and timeless design. Resembling classic cork clogs, these shoes feature a luxuriously soft footbed and a secure heel strap, ideal for long flights and leisurely strolls

  - Price: 130$

   - Discount Code: NA

   - Colors: Tan, Blue, Silver

   - Vegan: No

A recently released model, we fell in love with this one the moment we wore it. We are a bit of a sucker for shoes with a knit upper as it basically takes any shoe and turns it into a slip on.

In addition to this knit upper it comes with a decent rugged outsole putting it on par with the more expensive options like the vivo deco. At a very affordable price this becomes one of the cheapest yet high quality shoes on this list.

  - Price: 78$

   - Discount Code: TBSR

   - Colors: White, Green, Black

   - Vegan: yes

In addition to footwear recommendations, we also highlight supplementary accessories such as Correct Toes for enhanced circulation, Naboso Socks for sensory stimulation, and compression socks for added comfort during travel.

To enhance your travel experience further, we've compiled a list of favorite travel hacks and gadgets, including a J-shaped travel pillow, travel blanket, foot elevation device, compression leggings, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred card for optimal travel perks.

In summary, our approach to travel footwear revolves around minimizing the number of shoes while prioritizing comfort and versatility. Typically, we opt for a combination of sandals and slip-ons from our curated list, ensuring a seamless travel experience wherever the journey takes us.

What are your favorite travel shoes?


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